Bitcoin ($BTC) Surpasses $26,000, $DOMI and $BCH Set to Boost This Month

Bitcoin ($BTC) and Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) often follow the same price pattern, and both tokens went bullish in the third week of September. However, investors looking for huge ROI tokens say ($DOMI) is the best crypto to buy in 2023. In comparison, $BTC plans to break through its $30,000 resistance, while $DOMI and $BCH rally for major price surges. Let’s delve into expert opinions and forecasts on these crypto tokens.   

$BTC Surges as Blackrock Conspiracy Thickens

On September 18, a crypto expert on X, known as Crypto Rover, suggested that Blackrock (the world’s most prominent asset management firm) might be manipulating $BTC’s price. Rover added that the recent SEC’s action against the crypto market may be more than just a push for broader regulations.

Furthermore, he said the commission might be slowing down the market through legal tussles so major players like Blackrock can acquire more $BTC tokens and other top altcoins at lower prices. In retrospect, Ripple executives also accused the SEC of favoring Ethereum in 2020, leading analysts to conclude that Rover may be on to something.

On September 11, $BTC traded at $25,138. However, the token gained 8.02% in less than ten days and is trading at $27,135 on September 19. Analysts say whales are back and accumulating, meaning $BTC may break through its $30,000 resistance in Q4 2023.

$DOMI Prepares for a Huge Price Surge in Q4 2023 is an innovative blockchain-based marketplace that allows art investors from all backgrounds to own fractional investments in high-end blue-chip artworks. As a decentralized art investment platform, it breaks down the traditional barriers involved in the real-world art market, allowing for more transparency, liquidity, and flexibility.

To ensure art investors thrive on the platform, offers advisory services like in-depth market research, personalized recommendations based on the investor’s goals, and due diligence on emerging and established artworks.

$DOMI is in its first presale stage, and savvy investors say it is the best new crypto to invest in today. The token is trading for $0.02625, and it will surge to $0.015400 when all presale stages conclude. Early investors will see a huge 487% surge in the value of their $DOMI tokens in the next few months.


$BCH Whales Come Alive in September

Recent data from Santiment (an on-chain data tracking platform) revealed that Bitcoin Cash whales bought the dip between August 31 and September 18 when the token went bearish. According to the on-chain tracking platform, the number of crypto wallets holding between 1,000 to 100,000 $BCH tokens increased from 7.85 million to 7.92 million.

In addition, the whales accumulated approximately 70,000 $BCH tokens during this period. As a result of this token accumulation, $BCH gained 10.01% in the third week of September. $BCH traded at $198 on September 12. Seven days later, the token sold for $218. According to analysts, $BCH may record a massive price surge in the coming days due to sustained investor interest and bullish activity in the market.

For Info about $DOMI, visit the Domini presale or Join the Community

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