Bitcoin (BTC) Reaches Bi-Annual Peak, Targets $50,000 Level; Gala (GALA) & InQubeta (QUBE) Exceed Expectations

Bitcoin (BTC) prices are as high as they’ve been in almost two years as they break the $45,000 resistance level and prices approach $46,000. Bitcoin is one of the best cryptos to buy now, and the growth the king of cryptocurrencies has enjoyed so far this year isn’t surprising to those who have kept up with BTC projections. 

2024 is expected to be a breakout year for many cryptocurrencies as BTC prices are expected to surge as high as $160,000. 

InQubeta (QUBE) is also set for considerable growth this year after bringing investors 175% returns last year. The new DeFi project takes on mainstream investing firms by providing a more accessible alternative way to invest in artificial intelligence (AI).

Gala (GALA) closed out 2023 with 75% gains, and it intends to compete with mainstream gaming platforms with its commitment to AAA-level games. That could lead to a substantial surge this year. 

InQubeta emerges as one of the best cryptos to buy now, thanks to 100x projections

InQubeta is one of the most promising cryptocurrency projects launched last year. Its blockchain is deployed on the Ethereum (ETH) network, allowing it to share its functionality and security. The solution it provides sets it up for exponential growth since many people don’t meet the geographic or income constraints that usually come with mainstream investment entities. 

InQubeta is also the first crypto project to focus on providing an alternative medium for AI investments, setting the project up for considerable growth as over $1.5 trillion is anticipated to be guided into AI in the next several years. InQubeta provides a mutually beneficial network for startups seeking funds and investors looking for easier access to investment opportunities. 

It’s evident AI is on course to reshape the world, and those who back the technology position themselves for exponential returns in the future. 

A different way to invest

Investors don’t have to worry about income requirements or anything of the sort in InQubeta’s ecosystem. There are no stocks here, but ERC20 coins (non-fungible tokens) accomplish similar functions.

These tokens are made by AI startups seeking capital and represent investment opportunities. They are fractionalized into smaller pieces to suit every investor’s budget. 

ERC20 coins are displayed on the NFT marketplace, as well as information about the different startups seeking funding. Investors can invest in any of these companies by buying their tokens with QUBE, the ecosystem’s native governance token and currency. 

InQubeta’s investment ecosystem provides lots of liquidity by allowing investors to resell any tokens they buy whenever they choose to do so. 

Bitcoin (BTC) getting ready for exponential price surge

There’s no need for FOMO if you haven’t stocked up on Bitcoin yet. The 171% growth the project enjoyed in 2023 pales in comparison to the 400% growth it could enjoy this year. Factors like the high possibility of a Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund being approved and the halving event due in April are helping to push prices upward. 

Several major financial institutions have pending ETF applications with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the deadline for a decision runs out in the next couple of weeks. Many in the cryptocurrency and financial sectors expect some of these applications to be approved, potentially leading to the largest inflow of capital the cryptocurrency space has ever seen. 

Gala (GALA) might be preparing for a massive bull run

GALA’s growth exceeded expectations in 2023, and there’s a good chance it will enjoy considerable growth this year as it looks to emerge as a major competitor to mainstream game developers. Its ecosystem focus on free-to-play AAA titles continues to attract new users to its platform. Prices could grow up to 21x if previous highs set in 2021 are reclaimed. 


GALA, BTC, and QUBE are three of the best cryptos to buy now. While BTC has the most hype surrounding its potential growth, QUBE will likely enjoy more gains as it helps to funnel over $1.5 trillion to AI startups. 

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