Bitcoin And BNB Stagnate! New Breakout Star Up 60%, Time To Catch The Rabbit!

The crypto world has been shaky lately, and Bitcoin and BNB are feeling the tremors. Their strength is a testament to their previous history, but the current market downturn seems to have taken effect. But while the big guys are suffering, a new star is rising: Raboo. This firecracker just surged 60%, and let’s just say it’s got the whole crypto world buzzing. Raboo’s more than just a memecoin; it’s a vibrant social hub with built-in AI tools to make you a meme master, plus sweet rewards for flexing your online skills. Thinking of diversifying your portfolio? Raboo might just be the meme coin you need. Read on to learn more about this breakout, that could be your next crypto game-changer.

Bitcoin: Trading Under $66k

In this shifting market of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, the first virtual currency, isn’t managing to stand its ground. Over the last week Bitcoin has declined by 6%, now valued at just over $65,700. Only a mere 10 days ago, Bitcoin traded above $70,000. Now take that in!

So, what’s keeping Bitcoin underperforming? There has been some clear tension in the market ahead of the FED meeting, that’s said to take place tomorrow. This meeting will close the decision on future interest rates, this in itself could be a huge problem for Bitcoin, as a rise in interest makes risky investments seem less appealing. 

Binance, BNB, plummets from peak

Bitcoin’s little brother, BNB (also known as Binance Coin), is another coin that’s been suffering. Only eleven days ago BNB reached its all time high of $720.67, fast forward a few days BNB began freefalling, dropping 7% in the last week BNB is now priced at around $598 as of June 17, 2024.

While Binance is generally a significant player in the crypto exchange game, the demand for BNB has seemed to slack.  Some of BNB features include discounts on trading fees, fuels decentralized applications (dApps) within the Binance ecosystem, and even lets you snag exclusive goodies. Despite these seemingly attractive qualities, BNB price is suffering a major downturn. However, analysts believe the new emerging AI meme sensation Raboo offers an attractive set of features that’ll have investors hooked!

Raboo, the new breakout star, is up by 60%, 

Raboo, the breakout star of the meme coin world, has a presale that would make your head spin. The project raked in over a whopping $1.7 million so far and saw its token value shoot up by 60% since Stage 1. 

But Raboo’s more than just another meme coin. This brand new project has an artificial intelligence meme generator where users can unleash their comical side and generate endless memes. Also, Raboo has a special ” Post-to-Earn ” feature that gives users real rewards for the various content they post online. Think of it as SocialFi on steroids – Raboo’s building a whole ecosystem where creativity gets paid!

With the meme coin craze still burning strong, Raboo has the potential to become a true leader in the pack. Imagine combining the wild popularity of Shiba Inu and Dogecoin with cutting-edge AI and a gamified social experience – that’s the Raboo recipe for success. Early investors who jump on board now could be sitting on a goldmine, with some experts predicting a whopping 100x surge after launch.  So, if you’re looking for the next crypto to potentially rocket to the moon, Raboo might just be the pup for you. 


In this wild crypto ride, Bitcoin and BNB are not managing to ride the Crypto waves with success. But while the big guys suffer, there’s a chance to snag a rising star: Raboo. This meme coin with a brain has rocketed in its presale and boasts a “Post-to-Earn” platform to reward your online wit.  With predictions of a 100x surge, Raboo could be the next crypto game-changer. Don’t miss out. Get in on the ground floor and see where Raboo will take you! 

You can participate in the Raboo presale here


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Felix Küster
Felix Küster

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