BitBinary: A new vision of Crypto Binary Options Trading; from 0.3 – 3% daily profit

The assumptions of making the world, a place where individuals are financially independent, bring about the invasion of cryptocurrencies and crypto trading platforms. Hence, binary trading options forecast ways to financial freedom. It is one of the most promising and profitable ways of earning in the sphere of cryptocurrency trading.

In fact, Binary options are financial options that comes with one of payoff options on a fixed monetary amount or nothing at all. To straight, traders place trades basing on a predictive convictions, whether the assets’ prices will increase or bullish. Hence, making it, one of the simple way to trade cryptocurrencies and have unlimited earnings. However, users from divers Binary trading platforms cannot stop arguing on Hazmat resilience of the binary options. In that wind, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) considers binary options as a “High risk” and “unpredictable” investment option ( Therefore, strategies’ taking, decisions making and assets’ insurances in a record time head for a profitable stakes in Binary option markets. Human intelligence’s faculty far loom to help this happen without risks. Unexpectedly in the middle July 2020, BitBinary Options Company comes out in Hong Kong with innovative design for crypto binary options trading using Artificial Intelligent.

BitBinary Options and AIs bots

  • What is BitBinary?

BitBinary is specialised in the development of binary options trading bots. Thereby, offering its users the possibility to earn money automatically on the cryptocurrency market with a yield of up to 3% per day through software that can overcome human in calculating and forecasting. BitBinary intends been providing binary options with 100% high accurate information and guarantee of success using Artificial Intelligent (crypto binary options trading bots) and real experts who actively work on the companies’ developments, improvements and create new directions of its activity.

  • BitBinary AIs

Unlikely to traditional binary options trading system, BitBinary’s AIs bots automate, cross analysis the efficiency/efficacy of provided markets’ information by experts and take speed decision while avoiding human bias and reluctances on decision-making:

Clearly, in an interval of 15 minutes, the bot determines further currency direction of options markets and generates profits that are paid to you once a day according to the types of bot. Most importantly, every bots has its own expiry time before it can be stopped. Accordingly, the end of the bot-leasing period, users can decide whether to stop the bot early or not. Subsequently, the full price of the bot is paid into users’ accounts when it is stopped early.

BitBinary network and frameworks

BitBinary platform offers different money making products or trading bots, which consider long-term expiry period of one year combined with day payments from 0.3 to 3 percent and depending on affordable binary option bot purchase. Realistically, it is suitable for everyone regardless the trading experiences, skill, professional or beginners levels. Since the lunch of BitBinary, more than 20.000 people is integrated to BitBinary ecosystem whether as brand promoter or investor. This coupled over 33.115 purchased bots and have been generating over $79.1503.1 in span of five months. In like manner, BitBinary gives stands against the unworthy results on crypto binary markets and provides profit-making realism for every new investors. The website is designed with maximum quality, convenient functionality and filled up with every information

  • Regulation

BitBinary regulatory certificates, licenses and other legal documents is available on BitBinary platform for user’s compliances. As well readable, the company is registered under Hong Kong legal department, listed as trading company LTD N°2963764, and headquartered at 183 Queen’s RD E WAN CHAI HONG KONG. However, Covid-19 pandemic circumstances, moves the company to Avenue des Morgines 12, 1213 Lancy at Switzerland for safer and good management.

  • BitBinary working-system

Currently, BitBinary Company offers nine types of AI binary trading bots. First, users or traders need to register on the company web platform. By evidence, the registration is very fast and simple. It takes approximatively 3 minutes to be completed added to in mail account activation. Second, individuals must activate an AI binary option trading bot basing on one’s affordable amounts and kin in ROI. Anyhow, any aversion for risks, analysis and portfolio management are not to be considered while purchasing BitBinary’s products. By all means of generosity, the company tries to set the limited entry AI bots account of 0.0018 $BTC in start plan at $20 that will procure 0.3 to 0.4% as daily earnings in Bitcoin for users. Users are able to yield up to 3% with BitBinary products and have the possibility of early deposit/withdrawal from 334 days on a unique account. The company priorities the most known crypto paying systems namely; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT, Dogecoin. Recently, TRON Trx is added to the payment system to boost its marketing features.

  • Provably fair Affiliate Program

BitBinary’s terms and conditions offers two types of affiliate program. First, you can become partner in the binary options trading terms. Here, partners will receive accordingly to each level, 40% (level 1), 30% (level 2) and 20% (level 3) as monthly income that referees earn on binary trading. Indeed, in Bots affiliation terms, you can start having additional income to your earnings. As stated on the website, the more people you invite to the BitBinary platform, the more profit they will provide you depending on the product, which they buys. Moreover, you can get 2% and 1% of profits from the users invited by your referees. Undoubtedly, BitBinary made the greatest work by providing the new ways to passive income generating system.

Why buying BitBinary products

Security: One of tackling questions about trading platform and passive incomes generators are turned about users’ funds and personal data safety and security. BitBinary Company has well understanding of this aspect, which is hanging over every trading platform. They established a strong DDOS protection protocol, which guaranteed a reliable multilevel data protection system such as 2FA, DDOS Guard etc.

As investor, you do not need to have experiences, skill or professional ability in trading. AIs binary options trading is well oriented and trained regarding any critical decisions from options markets and make good and best decisions while sparing every bias.

Meanwhile, the company is very valued by its customers on public reviewing platform like Trustpilot, Bitmoneytalks and other. With a kind attention to all users, Bitbinary professional support is always online and ready to help. Every new user’s payment is available on the website. Added to that, withdrawal request is processed on BitBinary telegram channel for ensuring accuracy and proficiency of their service.

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