Binance Leads Bitcoin Spot Volume Decline, AAVE Gains Momentum, $ROE Follows

Following the market crash of September 1, Bitcoin ($BTC) has suffered a massive decline in its spot trading volume. In contrast, Aave ($AAVE) has rallied after its recent partnership aimed at boosting worldwide asset tokenization. 

Yet, all the attention is on Borroe.Finance ($ROE) after selling a large chunk of its tokens within 24 hours. Which of the three projects above will become the best crypto to buy now? Let’s revise expert opinions.


Bitcoin’s ($BTC) Spot Volume Suffers A Massive Decline

The shock market slump of September 1 affected Bitcoin’s ($BTC) spot trading volume. Data from Into the Block showed a 48% decline in Spot Bitcoin’s ($BTC) trading volume since September 1. Binance was responsible for most of the $BTC’s decline, with a 57% decline in its 7-day average Bitcoin spot volume.

The market fell after the SEC asked companies applying for Spot Bitcoin ETFs to wait till October for a response. $BTC was trading at $27,297 on August 30. Following the market crash on September 1, $BTC fell by 5.4% to $25,800.

The drop in Binance’s Bitcoin ($BTC) spot trading volume reflects the reduced investor sentiment in the market. Now, experts look to October for the next possible rally. Many say that Bitcoin’s ($BTC) investor sentiment will rise if the SEC fulfills its promises of approving Bitcoin Spot ETFs. 

The SEC’s approval could push $BTC up by 13.9% to $29,400.

Aave Joins The Tokenized Asset Coalition (TAC)

On September 7, 2023, Aave partnered with several top DeFi projects to form the Tokenized Asset Coalition (TAC). The group’s goal is to push for the quick adoption of blockchain technology and institutionalization of DeFi services. 

The announcement also holds promise for $AAVE as it could push its short-term adoption. Furthermore, it could create global awareness around asset tokenization, which could cause a rise in Aave’s network use.

The partnership has boosted $AAVE’s market performance in a largely bearish September. $AAVE was trading at $54.53 on September 1 after the market crash. On September 7, the TAC launch was announced, pushing $AAVE up by 3.0% to $56.21. 

By September 20, $AAVE closed at $65.50 as excitement around its TAC partnership grew.

AAVE is already one of the best DeFi coins. Yet, analysts agree that it would benefit massively from a global tokenization awareness campaign. These analysts expect $AAVE to rise by 28.6% to $72.34 as its drive for global crypto adoption continues.

Borroe.Finance ($ROE) Reinvents Invoice Financing

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology, Borroe.Finance provides an accessible marketplace for quick disbursement of loans.


The platform uses NFTs and asset tokenization to turn future revenue into easily sellable collateral. To boost attractiveness, Borroe.Finance ($ROE) encourages the addition of high discounts. This, in turn, provides low-cost investment opportunities with high returns to buyers.

Both buying and selling loan offers are rewarded on Borroe.Finance. Plus, loan repayments are instant, and they attract rewards from the platform. Furthermore, Borroe.Finance notifies investors of the latest funding requests. This provides wider visibility to loan offers while informing investors of the latest opportunities.

Borroe.Finance’s services are very unique in the digital asset sector. $ROE is now poised to become one of the top crypto coins. The quick growth of Borroe.Finance’s presale is already bringing a lot of excitement to investors.

Borroe.Finance just entered Stage 2 of its presale, trading at $0.0150. Yet, $ROE is about to enter Stage 3 soon, especially since it has sold 58% of its Stage 2 available supply within the first 24 hours. When $ROE enters Stage 3 of its presale, it will grow by 33.3% to reach $0.0200.

Learn more about Borroe.Finance ($ROE) here:

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