Binance Is The Primary Caretaker Of Crypto: Launches Free Online Courses

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, is launching a series of free online courses to educate millions of people about blockchain technology, digital currency, and the web3.

Binance’s Focus On Community Is Undeniable – First Recovery Fund, Now Free Eduction

In response to concerns about the spread of FTX, Binance has established a fund to aid in the industry’s recovery. Tron founder Justin Sun has stated that Tron, Huobi Global, and Poloniex will all back Binance’s initiative.

This first course is a six-part introduction to blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, decentralization, the Internet of Things (IoT), the Metaverse, and trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. The English version of the first ‘Blockchain Fundamentals’ course is now live on Binance Academy, the exchange’s dedicated teaching platform.

The remaining five modules will be released over the next few months, and Binance will add support for even more languages in the coming weeks. Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded NFT Certificates.

He Yi, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Binance, has said, “Blockchain sector is still in its early stage. Many novel ideas are developed, including NFT and the metaverse. The future of our business is, in our opinion, up to creators and builders. Therefore, providing more expertise to producers and builders is crucial. As the market leader, Binance has an obligation to foster learning opportunities, and we intend to keep education at the forefront of our efforts to advance the industry.

This new service is a huge expansion of Binance Academy’s existing worldwide education mission, which already features multimedia content, Learn & Earn promotions, and the University Outreach Program.
The educational offerings of Binance Academy are extensive, and more advanced levels of study are on the horizon. Furthermore, it will introduce professional certificate programs to help students enhance their careers in the blockchain and Web3 industries.

Binance Academy is at the forefront of the company’s efforts to set the educational bar high inside the blockchain sector.

Over the previous 12 months, its consumers have read or watched its educational content hundreds of millions of times. More than five million people have participated in Learn & Earn initiatives, and more than seventy prestigious universities, such as Harvard, MIT, and Oxford, have joined the University Outreach Program.

What Can You Learn On Binance Academy?

Binance Academy offers a wide array of free and easy-to-understand content regarding blockchain, cryptoeconomics, economics, and more. Whether you’re just starting out in the crypto space or want to brush up on your knowledge, there’s plenty of great stuff to learn here.

There are over 361 articles in 21 different languages, covering everything from computer security to economics. Everyone can log in at any point in time and learn about a variety of topics without the hassle of registering or subscribing.

Given the fast-paced nature of the industry, the curriculum is constantly being updated and modified to keep up with current trends and strategies.

Users can bookmark the glossary as a guide for understanding the jargon used throughout the site. Tutorials, essays, and video guides are available for those wanting to learn about specific topics.

Anyone can access the site anytime and learn about various subjects ranging from computer security to economics and beyond.

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