Best Projects on Base: Top DeFi Coins to Invest in On Base

Base has made its mark in the growing trend of decentralization. Initially set for a 2024 debut, it was launched earlier on 15th June 2023 thanks to the team’s combined efforts.

Its growth has been steady, and with over 40 dApps to its name, it’s gaining traction. Let’s delve deeper into some of the standout projects on Base.

Quick summary:
BaseswapFiLeading DEX on Base Chain
RocketSwapLabsFirst community-driven DEX on Base Mainnet
SynthswapDEX with AMM in the Base ecosystem
kravtradeDecentralized Quanto perpetual Exchange
MagnateFiNovel lending protocol
DackieSwapNative DEX with CLMM

BaseswapFi: A Notable Player

BaseswapFi is a prominent DEX within the Base Chain. Developed by the Based team, it caters to a wide range of needs, from basic to more intricate functionalities. Holding a significant 55% TVL dominance ($31.07m) and a market cap of $3.6m, it’s a platform worth exploring.

RocketSwapLabs: Embracing Community Values

RocketSwapLabs distinguishes itself by being a community-driven DEX on the Base Mainnet. What’s more, it’s on the path to becoming community-owned through DAO. As their launchpad nears its completion, they’re on track to introduce the first launchpad within the Base environment.

Synthswap: A New Age DEX

Synthswap is carving a niche in the Base ecosystem’s DEX space. As an early adopter of the automated market-maker (AMM) model, it’s gaining attention. With plans for a Futures trading platform and the upcoming v3, its $1m TVL and 700k MC highlight its potential. Token holders can look forward to staking, governance, and launchpad allocation benefits.

kravtrade: Exploring Leverage

kravtrade introduces a fresh perspective. As a Decentralized Quanto perpetual Exchange on Base, it facilitates BTC trades with the added advantage of using altcoins as collateral. Even as a newer entrant on the Base chain, its $17.9m MC, which is 3x its ATH, is noteworthy.

MagnateFi: A Holistic Lending Experience

MagnateFi is set on refining lending protocols. It brings to the table a dynamic interest rate model coupled with robust risk management strategies. Users can lend, borrow, and accrue interest with ease. Currently operating under #BuildonBase, there’s buzz about a potential expansion to #Base Arbitrum.

DackieSwap: A Reliable Native DEX

DackieSwap is gaining traction by offering users enhanced rewards via its Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker (CLMM). With a commendable trading volume of $4.98M, it’s emerging as a trusted Native DEX within the Base community.

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Base is a notable blockchain platform, reflecting the benefits of teamwork and community input. Since its inception, it has showcased a variety of interesting projects. If you’re curious about the top coins on Base or are just browsing, keep in mind that Base has a lot to offer, and the journey is still unfolding. Dive in and see for yourself!

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