Avalanche Network Activity Drops as Chainlink and Pullix Prices Skyrocket

The Avalanche network has dropped in 2024 as the number of transactions went as low as 200,000 daily. Meanwhile, Chainlink and Pullix have become the best altcoins to invest in as they continue to rise on the price charts.

Avalanche (AVAX) Number of Transactions Drop

According to reports, the Avalanche (AVAX) network has recently experienced a drop in activity. The C-Chain registered only 7.66 million transactions in the last week, a 16.88% fall from the previous week’s transaction count.

This drop in transaction volume was followed by a 2.74% fall in gas consumption on the Avalanche network. This signals a decrease in activity across Avalanche-based dApps.

The daily transaction count dropped to as low as 200,000 on February 6. Despite the drop in transaction count, Avalanche crypto price remains bullish.

Data from CoinMarketCap showed that Avalanche crypto has pumped 7.2% and 20.6% on the 7-day and 14-day charts. The altcoin is currently fluctuating around the $33.28 – $37.19 price region.

Chainlink (LINK) Price Sees Double-Digit Gains

Chainlink (LINK) has been one of the top-performing altcoins in the market in the past week. The altcoin is currently showing double-digit gains on the weekly and monthly price charts, with the potential for more gains.

According to CoinMarketCap, Chainlink coin is up 10.5% and 35.7% on the weekly and monthly price charts. The massive price rally has brought its year-to-date gains to 159.7%.

One major factor fuelling the recent rally is the increase in whale accumulation. According to LookOnChain, a whale recently accumulated 2.7 million LINK tokens worth $49.9 million from Binance. 

The momentum surrounding the Chainlink coin is currently bullish as it fluctuates around the $16.78 – $19.64 price range. Chainlink has recorded 17 (57%) green days with 9.79% price volatility over the last 30 days. Analysts have forecasted a potential rise to $30 before the end of the month.

Pullix (PLX) Emerges As the Best Crypto To Buy for Q1

Pullix (PLX) is a hybrid trading platform that gives traders access to a wide range of assets with the PLX token at the center of its activities. This token is used for transactions across Pullix, enhancing user experience.

In addition, the PLX token is designed with a revenue-sharing mechanism. It gives holders a share of the platform’s daily profits, positioning it as the best crypto to buy. As a result, passive income opportunities are available for PLX token holders. Another way they can earn is by providing liquidity to the platform’s automated market makers. 

Meanwhile, the Pullix platform allows traders to use cryptocurrencies as collateral. It gives them access to anonymous trading without the need for KYC. All traders need is an email and wallet. Another feature of Pullix is multi-currency staking. 

Now in its 7th presale phase and priced at an attractive $0.1, Pullix is on the radar of market experts. They have forecasted a 25x return on investment for early investors in the next 70 days after its launch. This makes the next 70 days pivotal for investors looking to join this promising project.

Final Thoughts 

Although Avalanche network activity is down, its price is still up on the price charts. This makes it one of the best altcoins to invest in alongside Pullix and Chainlink, which has seen double gains in the past month.

Still, analysts see Pullix hitting more gains after its launch in the next 30 days. They are projecting a potential increase of 25x. Join the project now and see your portfolio grow in 2024.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below:

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