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Anyone interested in cryptography has at some point heard of the “Byzantine Generals” problem. This problem has been the main stepping stone for every ...


Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is a hard fork on Bitcoin blockchain. The idea behind the fork was to change the proof-of-work algorithm from the SHA256 algorithm, ...


The Loom Network is developed to be the next-generation blockchain platform for large-scale online games and social apps. It means that users could build apps ...


Somewhat-forgotten “Ethereum killer” Qtum has roared back into the spotlight with the news that Bitcoin (BTC) atomic swaps are now available on the platform’s ...


This year the company Ripple and its crypto currency XRP had a lot going on: The violent crash in 2018 brought worry lines on the forehead of followers and ...


MakerDAO lets people collateralize their crypto holdings to secure long term low interest loans. Just as you can take a loan out against your home, you can ...


Uphold is a cloud-based financial services platform that supports more than 30 fiat and crypto currencies and is available to customers in over 180 countries. ...


Popular blockchain project Cardano has always had an interesting approach to its roadmap updates and structure. Split into five stages, each of which carries ...


Everyone must have heard about bitcoin currency and most of them tried to take part in the digital cryptocurrency rush, but those who didn’t, have missed ...


Etherdelta is probably the most intimidating exchange in the cryptocurrency market and this guide will cover everything you need to know about ...

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  1. Yes – the more scammy the project is, the more childish comments. ETN, XVG, SUB, Apollo etc – I hope they are just paid bots, can’t come to believe these are real opinions and “argumentation”.

  2. Legitimate project is a stretch when it comes to Electroneum. You have to ignore your emotions and apply rational thinking when looking at it. Except you are a paid bot, in that case – you did your job.

  3. Learn basic punctuation before giving yourself the right to criticize someone else.

  4. Yes and he actually predicted comments like yours ;). Sorry if you are stuck with bags of worthless coins, make it a learning lesson for the future – investing is not for everyone.

  5. Thanks for your opinion. Btw. it is Ethereum, not Etherium.

  6. Thanks – that has been corrected.

  7. Neither – it is an interesting concept and project people are searching for so we want to cover it. And your question is pretty dumb btw – how can this possible be a fake news? You have been watching too much Trump, tone it down, it is not good for your health.

  8. 8 comments in less than a day on a 14 days old article? You guys are too obvious and this poorly engineered coordinated defense is just a shot in your own foot.

  9. Thanks for the correction – we have updated the article.

  10. Thanks for the correction – we have updated the article.

  11. I am getting suspicious – all of a sudden 6 comments on the article we wrote some time ago. Orchestrated “hit squads” make you look scammy, don’t do it.

  12. Thanks – someone from the team will surely join.

  13. Thanks for the comment! Your reply is full of useful info and shows real competence :).

  14. What is not correct in this article? I summed up real events (hacks, proven incompetence) and added my opinion about it. Which part should I be sued about? I am sick of reading and listening fluffy articles that uncritically shill shitcoins misleading gullible people to invest in worthless projects and lose their money. Those authors should be sued in my opinion.

  15. He wishes he was like Elon Musk – that guy actually has results behind him. Sun has nothing but super hyped project that is used by no-one (some fringe games or similar dapps with less than 1000 users don’t coun).

  16. Thanks for the comment – I will try to be better in the future ;).

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    You can get in touch via our email, you can find it on the advertis/about us pages.

  18. Dental health is not senseless. Tokens for dental health are pretty much pointless.

  19. Hi Aleksandar

    Please get in touch via info [et]

  20. Hi Pragnya

    Why do you think exchange will not let you move your XRP to your wallet? We have not encountered such case until now – did you actually try to transfer XRP from exchange to Ledger?