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Thanks to Sanbase, a tool for crypto sleuths, we noticed another unknown coin dominating the grapevines of crypto groups across social media. It is the ...

XRP has dropped around 20% this year, a glaring contrast to a near 105% plus for bitcoin. XRP was at $0.35 on January the first while it hovers around $0.29 ...

If you are closely following crypto communities across platforms, you have noticed one new ticker being thrown around - $CHZ. We noticed the buzz around ...

There are more than 2000 cryptocurrencies currently "live" but only a handful of them provide some utility and can justify their existence. Sia coin is ...

Despite being troubled by legal challenges, the Kin developers team seems to be doing a good job pushing for the KIN's adoption. On Sep 24, the team announced ...

Many enthusiasts expect Ripple Labs’ XRP token to explode in the run up to the upcoming Swell conference. The Swell conference, which is hosted by Ripple ...

One of the very popular coins back in the lunatic times of 2017, ARK was one of the more popular projects. The interest in them has plummeted together with ...

Everipedia, the world’s first blockchain-based encyclopedia, and Brave, a privacy browser with integrated blockchain-based digital advertising platform, ...

Given recent news from China, many NEO holders got their hopes heated up that NEO has the potential to emerge as the cryptocurrency of choice in the heavily ...

Less than 30 days ago Ripple announced major brand changes for their product fleet, dropping the established names for xCurrent, xVia and xRapid as the new ...

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  1. Hey Gwen

    Thank you for pointing that out – we know that content needs to be refreshed, we made small tweaks but a thorough sweep through it is still to happen.

  2. BAT is definitely not talked down, we just have objective to put out unbiased overview. BAT is one of the favorite coins in our camp, have a look around the site and you will see it for yourself.

  3. The real trading volume is taken from The article has been amended to add that info and to clarify the Binance delisting which you correctly spotted and called out – thank you.

  4. Hey Alex

    This was a sponsored post, a PR delivered to us be an agency we work with – we do not endorse this service. We advise you to make a proper research (like you seem to have already did) before letting anyone have access to your money.

  5. Hi Nathan

    There is the “sponsored” tag on the article, like with every sponsored story. We categorize articles in a separate category “sponsored” that is shown right above the article headline.

  6. Where does it say BTC and ICX will remain flat? It says “Price will heavily depend on what BTC will do and since many analysts think BTC will not be making big moves in this year, it is hard to expect ICX will do them either.”

    Everything needs to be put in a context. Going from $3.8k to $8.5k is historically not a big move in crypto sector. There are literally tons of memes on this topic (making fun of traditional finance sector because of what they call gains).

    You are partially right though, the wording needs to be improved to reflect this contextual importance so newbies like you can understand the message behind the analysis.

    As for ICX – it was 5.9k sats on January 1st and it is 4.6k sats right now. Please show me the big move there.

    Rookies like yourself should really stay out of crypto in this nascent phase, it’s gonna end bad for your home budget.

  7. All good mate, hope you didn’t lose any money. Stay safe, lots of frauds out there.

  8. Sorry that we don’t have a crystal ball to tell you exactly what will happen. TA is a probabilistic tool and nothing else. It helps you try to see patterns over time or common chart patterns that usually indicate a certain move. All TA is based on the supply-demand tradeoff and market psychology. We do our best to analyze the market and weigh in on what we think will happen.

    If you are looking for mathematically precise entries and sell targets – sorry, such analyst is yet to be born.

  9. Thank you for the comment. Real information is, I would assume, in Verge indoctrination camps like Telegram groups or some other obscure communities?

  10. Sure, if your writing meets our standards and editorial guidelines. Shoot me an email at for more details.

  11. The user numbers have nothing to do with the upcoming Bittorrent team and product, they were using Bittorrent long before Justin Sun acquisition of the company.
    The rest of your “facts” are still untested theories and judging by the well-documented Justin Sun’s incompetence, anything he leads is by definition weak in fundamentals.

  12. What has been proven as wrong? Can you please be more precise and quote falsehoods? Otherwise, everything you say is a hodler’s wishful thinking.

  13. Thanks for pointing it out – it has been corrected.

  14. I am not sure I understand a single word of this incoherent tirade.

  15. Hi – thanks for the comment! It has been corrected – this part was not written by us, this is cited from other author and it slipped through.

  16. You need to use some kind of service to exchange bitcoin for altcoins and these services usually charge a small fee. However, as atomic swaps enter the mainstream, we will be able to exchange coins with each other instantly and with no fees.

  17. Hey Sam

    Honestly, I haven’t even heard of most of those listed. I think EDG looks solid

  18. Hey John
    Thank you – there is a subscription box in the sidebar – right below the facebook page box.

  19. Check the tweet within the article and of course, go on blockchain explorer to find the transactions.