AUDIO Coin Pulls Off Shock 20% Pump – But Top Traders Say The Party’s Just Getting Started

In recent market developments, AUDIO coin has emerged as one of the standout performers, registering an impressive surge of nearly 20% in its price. Currently trading at a commendable $0.20, AUDIO has caught the attention of investors and traders alike. The buzz around this cryptocurrency has been palpable, with many speculating on the reasons behind its sudden rise.

Prominent voices from the Twitter trading community have weighed in on this surge, offering their insights and setting promising price targets for potential investors. These top-notch analysts and well-known traders have shared their technical analysis, shedding light on the potential trajectory of AUDIO coin.

Expert Analysis from Twitter’s Elite Traders:

CRYPTO KNIGHT $INJ TO 100$ (@cryptoknight890):
Famous Twitter analyst, CRYPTO KNIGHT, has been closely monitoring AUDIO’s performance. He emphasizes the importance of AUDIO maintaining its position above the crucial blue zone, which is pegged at $0.2. If the coin manages to sustain this level, CRYPTO KNIGHT believes that a rise to $0.3 is well within reach, signaling a positive trajectory for the cryptocurrency.

World Of Charts (@WorldOfCharts1):
Technical analysis expert, World Of Charts, has identified a specific pattern in AUDIO’s recent movements. The coin has formed what’s known as a “Descending Broadening Wedge.” This pattern often precedes a significant bullish rally. If AUDIO breaks out from this wedge, World Of Charts anticipates a massive bullish momentum, potentially propelling the coin towards a promising $0.70 mark.

Team LAMBO (@TehLamboX):
Well-known trader, Team LAMBO, has been observing AUDIO’s attempts to breakout on the weekly charts. For a positive upward movement, it’s essential for AUDIO to surpass the $0.24 mark on a closing basis. Should this breakout be successful, Team LAMBO forecasts that the coin could easily target up to $0.65, indicating a potential 175% move in the offing.

Source: CoinStats

One significant catalyst behind AUDIO’s impressive performance is its recent listing on the esteemed TARS AI Hub aggregator. Furthermore, from a technical perspective, AUDIO has successfully broken its downtrend line following the completion of a substantial harmonic pattern.

Currently, the coin is riding an upward wave, having shattered a minor downtrend line. The immediate price target, as per technical analysis experts, is the horizontal resistance set at $0.45. It remains to be seen how the coin will perform in the coming days.

What exactly is AUDIO Coin?

Audius (AUDIO) is a cryptocurrency token built on Solana blockchain; it’s the driving force behind the Audius platform. This unique platform is a haven for all musicians, irrespective of their affiliation with record labels. Here’s a closer look at what AUDIO brings to the table:

  • Purpose and Utility: AUDIO is the lifeblood of the Audius platform. It serves as a means of compensation for artists who share their creative works on the platform. By uploading their music to Audius, artists can reach a wider audience, with their tracks stored and distributed by content and discovery nodes. Fans benefit by accessing this music for free, while artists gain recognition, especially if they feature on the platform’s weekly trending lists.
  • Payment Dynamics: AUDIO stands as the primary payment method on the Audius platform. Looking ahead, there are plans to incorporate stablecoins, like USDT, enabling artists to roll out paid content seamlessly.
  • Staking and Governance: Owning AUDIO isn’t just about trading. Holders can stake their tokens, contributing to the network’s security. Additionally, they can actively participate in Audius’s governance and even access exclusive content. For those who stake their AUDIO tokens, rewards await, making it a lucrative proposition for long-term holders.
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