Analyzing the Reality of Solana’s Rebound; Arbitrum and InQubeta Experience Demand Spike

Solana (SOL) was a good crypto investment to make in 2023 as prices have grown by over 479% in the last year. However, the project has lost some of its momentum recently as prices have dropped by over 3%. The top crypto coin emerged as one of the best DeFi projects last year, outgrowing other Ethereum (ETH) rivals like Cardano (ADA). 

InQubeta (QUBE) has also earned its investors impressive returns in the last year, with prices growing 220% as its presale raised over $8.2 million. The DeFi crypto coin aims to make it simpler to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) by creating an alternative way to reach investment opportunities. 

Arbitrum (ARB) is another altcoin to watch as its prices surged 76% in the last month after struggling for most of 2023. The project uses optimistic scaleups to increase scalability on the Ethereum network. 

InQubeta (QUBE) touted as a good cryptocurrency for beginners to invest in

InQubeta solves one of the biggest issues investors often face when they try to invest in anything through mainstream investment firms: entry barriers that prevent them from using their services, preventing them from investing their savings, and earning profits. 

InQubeta intends to make that a thing of the past for those looking to invest in artificial intelligence (AI), with its ERC20 coin-based investment process. 

The viability of AI has risen considerably in the past decade and it couldn’t be any clearer that the technology is on its way to drastically disrupting how many industries operate. For instance, autonomous cars are now improved to the point that driverless taxi cabs are now operating in San Francisco. 

AI might be the biggest technological breakthrough in human history and such events create rare investment opportunities that are often very lucrative. It’s like investing in companies like Netflix during the start of the internet revolution. Many of those who did now find themselves in different tax brackets. 

A smoother way to invest

Investors do not have to worry about navigating around hurdles to gain access to InQubeta’s investment ecosystem. Here, anyone who wants to be part of the tech revolution can do so without dealing with any unnecessary hassles. 

AI startups secure funding to advance their operations by selling ERC20 coins they create for QUBE. These tokens are digital representations of investment opportunities and some give investors other rewards like profit sharing. 

The ERC20 coins created by these companies are fractionalized before being listed on the NFT marketplace where investors have access to them. 

What’s next for the Solana (SOL) project

Solana runs an open-source blockchain that serves as a launch pad for decentralized finance solutions. The project made major moves to improve its ecosystem in 2023, like the launch of a new liquid staking token. Investors continue to gravitate to its ecosystem to enjoy the various decentralized solutions it offers. 

Solana’s unique way of combining a proof-of-stake and proof-of-history protocol makes it a serious threat to the Ethereum network this year. SOL prices could rise as much as 10x as it battles Ethereum for its status as the second most popular cryptocurrency.

Arbitrum (ARB) poised for breakout year

Arbitrum’s scaling solution improves the cost-efficiency, speed, and scalability of the Ethereum network using optimistic rollups. The layer-two scaling solution moves calculations off the Ethereum blockchain and processes them before returning the result to the blockchain. 

It’s a much-needed solution that propels ARB prices upward as ETH’s value increases. 


QUBE, ARB, and SOL are three cryptocurrencies that can bring you tremendous profits this year. QUBE is expected to enjoy the most growth with some projections predicting a 100x price increase, while SOL will likely come in second place. 

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