Analysts Suggest When Kaspa (KAS) Could Achieve Mass Adoption, Why Bitcoin Can’t Compete

According to cryptocurrency analysts, the innovative proof-of-work blockchain Kaspa has major advantages over Bitcoin that could allow it to gain mass adoption as a payment network long before the flagship cryptocurrency.

In a December 25 Twitter post, Kaspa proponent **Mar𐤊us** outlined his view on the key differences between Bitcoin and Kaspa when it comes to real-world usage:

Mass Adoption Timeline

“**The key difference between $KAS and #BTC: Bitcoin is perceived as an investment #Kaspa will be perceived as a currency. Mass adoption will come when the people see $KAS payments on X, in restaurants, on amazon and other online websites. Simply because it’s the real P2P money,**” Mar𐤊us stated.

So unlike speculative digital asset Bitcoin, Mar𐤊us believes Kaspa is designed for payments and everyday transactions. And he suggests Kaspa could start seeing significant adoption for ecommerce, retail, and other spending use cases in the near future.

Fulfilling Satoshi’s Original Vision

In response, fellow Kaspa bull **𐤊 neo79** agreed that Kaspa’s technology makes it highly suitable for global currency usage, allowing it to fulfill the original peer-to-peer cash vision of Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

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As 𐤊 neo79 noted, “**This is the true use case of $kas fulfilling the vision of satoshi for $btc. SCs will just be icing on the cake for #kaspa but first of its kind being MEV resistant hence the target of devs at 100bps. Truly $kas is a non-comparable tech at the highest level.**”

He cites Kaspa’s minimal transaction fees of 0.01% and resistance to miner extractable value (MEV) as key advantages making it viable for extensive payments activity.

Unmatched Technology Across Blockchains

Finally, Twitter user **Kaspanomi** outlined additional areas where Kaspa has an edge from a technology standpoint, allowing it to outpace legacy cryptocurrencies:

“**#Kaspa is the future of layer 1 blockchains. It’s design perfection has many in the ecosystem standing up and taking notice. – Lightning fast TPS -POW no pre-mined -No pre-allocated -Ghostdag protocol -Doxxed team -Unmatched technology -Solves blockchain trilemma$KAS,**” Kaspanomi praised.

In particular, Kaspanomi highlighted Kaspa’s world-class transaction speeds, novel GhostDAG protocol, and ability to solve the blockchain trilemma as driving its next-generation capabilities. With its array of technological accomplishments, Kaspa seems poised to reach mainstream usage long before Bitcoin can evolve to support significant retail and commercial transactions in any practical sense.

So while Bitcoin maintains its status as the flagship store-of-value cryptocurrency for now, analysts contend that only Kaspa has the performance, scalability, and design to become the first globally utilized blockchain for digital payments and everyday purchases. If current projections are accurate, Kaspa could rapidly start gaining merchant acceptance and user adoption for frictionless transactions across countless real-world use cases in the years ahead.

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