Analyst Who Called the Kaspa Dip Now Points to the Bottom; How to Earn Gains from KAS

The cryptocurrency market has been a rollercoaster ride, testing the patience and resilience of even the most seasoned investors. Amidst the volatility, one analyst, known as Siam Kidd (@SiamKidd), has gained attention for accurately calling the recent dip in Kaspa (KAS) and now predicting a potential bottom for the cryptocurrency.

Last month, when Kaspa hit 18 cents, Siam Kidd sold approximately 75% of their holdings, warning their community about an impending significant fall for KAS. Despite facing criticism for their stance, the analyst remained steadfast, eventually selling all their KAS holdings at 15 cents and identifying a specific price level as a potential bottom for a bounce.

Now, Siam Kidd believes that the designated price level has been reached, indicating that the local low for Kaspa may be in sight. While acknowledging the possibility of further slight dips, the analyst remains confident that this level represents a favorable entry point for investors who sidestepped the previous highs of 18 or 15 cents.

The journey of holding a cryptocurrency like Kaspa has been far from easy, as highlighted by another prominent analyst, Jim, S𐤊i ₿um (@Cryptographur). In a recent tweet, Jim emphasized the importance of patience and resilience in the crypto markets, stating, “You think making money holding is easy? It’s not. Patience is rare. Most are not patient.”

Jim, S𐤊i ₿um has been holding Kaspa since it was trading at just $0.005, experiencing various ups, downs, and sideways phases. This long-term perspective has allowed them to truly “earn the gains” they have achieved thus far, as they put it.

The analysts’ observations underscore the inherent volatility and unpredictability of the cryptocurrency markets, where patience and the ability to withstand market tests are crucial. As Jim, S𐤊i ₿um aptly stated, “The markets don’t just hand you gains on a silver platter, sorry to say. You have to earn it. The market will test you. It’s not meant to be easy to make the biggest ROI.”

While Siam Kidd’s prediction of a potential Kaspa bottom presents an opportunity for investors who sidestepped the previous highs, caution is advised, as the crypto markets are known for their volatility. As always, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and exercise prudent risk management when making investment decisions.

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Temitope Olatunji
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