Analyst Predicts Telegram Crypto Trading Bots as the Next Big Trend: Discover the Top 4 Projects

The next big wave is already upon us, says @Moomsxxx, one of the crypto analysts on Twitter. Brace yourselves for the upcoming bull run, where Telegram Bots might take center stage.

This narrative is not just about the bots, but the four projects that are poised to redefine the crypto landscape.

The Rise of Telegram Bots

Telegram, with its 800+ million monthly active users, is a fertile ground for the growth of these bots. A significant portion of DeFi users rely on mobile phones for their transactions, as they lack access to PCs. This is where Telegram bots come into play, simplifying and automating the trading process for these users.

However, with the rise of these bots comes the inevitable risk of security breaches. It’s crucial to use a burner wallet when interacting with Telegram bots. The threat of a bot hacking users and exploiting their wallets is real. Don’t let your guard down.

“Use a burner wallet when you interact with TG bots. There will be 100% a bot that will take hack users and exploit their wallets. Don’t be a fool.” says @Moomsxxx

Spotlight on the Game Changers

1. WagieBot (@0xWagieBot)

Deployed on Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Arbitrum (ARB), WagieBot is a force to be reckoned with. It operates on its own private nodes to offer a range of services, including sniping, trading, tracking, copy trading, and several secondary features. It also boasts of a $GMX perps integration.

In just 10 days since its launch, Wagie has generated over 237 ETH in revenue, a testament to its potential.

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2. Guardian Bot (@MEVFree)

If you’ve been using Telegram to join cryptocurrency groups, you’ve likely encountered the Guardian bot. It’s a popular choice, used by over 40,000 groups and boasting a user base of more than 800,000 individuals.

The bot offers projects a platform to advertise themselves, generating revenue in the process.

3. Unibot (@TeamUnibot)

Unibot, the pioneer in the bot category, offers a Sniper Bot, a Token Scanner, and private transactions. Holders of Unibot tokens receive 40% of transaction fees, an attractive incentive.

In the last month alone, Unibot has generated $1.4 million in revenue, ranking 28th across all DeFi.

4. TON Blockchain (@ton_blockchain)

All these bots are being built on Telegram, and if we’re bullish on them, it’s only logical to bet on TON, the blockchain of Telegram. Several projects are building on it, and the TON team is implementing new marketing strategies to grow the network.

The Future of Telegram Bots

One promising example of the potential of these bots is TON Banking. They’re developing a wallet that can be accessed directly from a Telegram chat, a feature that could gain significant popularity in the future.

The dawn of Telegram bots in the crypto world is here, and these four projects are leading the charge. As we move forward, it’s essential to stay informed and vigilant in this rapidly changing landscape.

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