AI Predicts Kaspa’s KAS Price When Bitcoin Reaches $150,000

Head of Content at CaptainAltcoin, Petar, recently inquired about potential future price levels for Kaspa (KAS) from Google’s new Bard AI. The responses outlining possible scenarios eventually when Bitcoin hits $150,000 or more proved interesting for current and prospective KAS holders.

First, making accurate predictions in the volatile crypto industry is undoubtedly challenging. The extent of KASPA’s price increase as Bitcoin climbs towards $150,000 depends on many fluctuating factors. However, Bard managed to provide three hypothetical outlooks:

Bullish Surge: If KASPA manages to leverage Bitcoin’s momentum by delivering on its technology roadmap and gaining further adoption, a rally towards several dollars or even double-digit prices is conceivable. This would require strong execution and merit-based buying pressure.

Steady as She Goes: A more moderate scenario sees KAS floating higher alongside Bitcoin but at a steadier pace. Continued tech improvements, but with some adoption friction, could imply a trading range of $0.50 to $1 for KAS.

The Bear’s Grip: On the other hand, if KASPA fails to capitalize on Bitcoin’s tide or encounters developmental setbacks, its price might stagnate or even decline in a risk-off environment.

What makes KASPA notable is that, much like Bitcoin, it utilizes a proof-of-work mining structure but with a unique blockDAG protocol called GHOSTDAG. This allows KAS to facilitate faster transactions and shorter confirmation times than Bitcoin.

With sights set on reaching 10 to 100 blocks per second, KASPA seeks to reshape efficiency standards for cryptocurrency networks. Its success on this front, tied to Bitcoin’s own growth trajectory, will likely determine which target—whether bullish, moderate, or bearish—KAS ultimately trends toward.

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According to CoinGecko, KAS is trading at $0.1043 with a 3.3% surge in value over the last 24 hours. KAS is also up by 1312.0% year-to-date. KAS hitting $0.5 and $1 from its current price would represent a 379% and 858% surge in value, respectively.

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