After Ethereum Classic (ETC) Coinbase addition, is Cardano (ADA) next?

This day started with a bang for Ethereum Classic and it reflected on the price as well – 25% up in a day. In the prolonged bear market we are currently in, this is a huge gain.

The reason, probably known to anyone who reads this, they’ve been selected as the next coin to be added to Coinbase exchange.

After the news came out, all other coins that were hoping to be added in the elite group of coins traded on Coinbase, started discussing and gossiping who is next in the line.

ADA is certainly one of the leading candidates, both from technology and business aspect – very viable option. Charles Hoskinson, ADA co-founder, certainly thinks that as well:

However, not everyone agrees with Charles, as a Twitterati Sunny Aggarwal answered to him:

ETC has a relatively mature working product. Definitely don’t think it makes sense for them to list ADA right now, as Cardano is still in a highly experimental stage.

Cardano subreddit also cheers for their coin to be added on Coinbase, as user McMallory said:

I would say there is an average chance after Shelley is released in full. IE decentralized mainnet

Shelley is the name of the next Cardano update after which Cardano blockchain will become decentralized, as it is currently totally under control of IOHK foundation that created the blockchain.

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ZombieKingKong is another user who firmly believes ADA checks all requirements Coinbase has for their additions, but reckons ERC20 tokens will have priority:

ADA hits all 4 of coinbase’ requirements. It’s also a top 10 coin (great for volume trading, which coinbase likes). Having said that, I believe that the coins that will be listed will be mostly ERC20 tokens first.

The ADA coin has a huge following in one of the prime markets for the cryptocurrency. It has major support in South Korea and China. Adding it, therefore, would do much good to the involved parties, success being the keyword. ADA also has a huge trading volume, something all exchanges look at when deciding their listings.

The final decision rests with Coinbase, though one may have the feeling that Cardano (ADA) could be a perfect fit for the trading platform.

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Rene Peters
Rene Peters

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