50 New Crypto Wallets Added Mollars Tokens To Holdings

The Mollars ($MOLLARS) token presale madness continues. The new Bitcoin-alternative’s initial coin offering registered over 200,000 sales thus far in February, regardless of 3-days Mollars.com was not functioning.    The crypto asset’s positive ‘buy action’ was spread across 50 trader’s wallets, signaling continued investor interests for the store-of-value token.

The healthy sum of acquisitions continues after Mollars presale already had a streak of ~50 new wallets adding the token daily.    If demand is maintained, upwards of 4500 cryptocurrency users will be trading or holding $MOLLARS tokens by the end of 1st quarter 2024.

Average Investor Has 2340 Tokens

Based on the sum of January 26th token presale buys, the average investor will be holding 2340 whole $MOLLARS tokens.

Such data is important because it can help predict future cryptocurrency activity and how it can affect a token’s value.  With Mollars, because it is limited to a total supply of 10-million tokens, if it begins to see a growth to 100 new wallets [or more] being added to its holders list daily, whole tokens could get exhausted rapidly.

1/1000th Of A $Mollars Token is a ‘Moll’

Once the full total supply minted is sold out, traders will begin buying and selling Mollars fractions called “Molls.”  The developer of the token predicted great demand for the new Bitcoin alternative and foresees value going so high, investors begin to purchase 1/1000th of Mollars token.

Popular crypto traders and analysts have stated that the Mollars token presale could yield as high as +4,400% profits in the early term.    Ari of “Crypto News,” a popular cryptocurrency broadcast on YouTube, said the new Bitcoin-alternative  has ‘explosive’ potential and suggested up to +2,200% profit yields.  This was after a full review of the ICO live, confirming the project had a legitimate setup and could be trusted by investors.

What’s more exciting for this crypto’s presale  investors thus far however is more recent news, that came after these projections.  A recently issued PSA from Mollars, has confirmed the store-of-value token will be used for a new native blockchain or cryptocurrency exchange, developed by the creators of the digital asset.   This news should substantially increase the profit forecasts on ICO token, as these decentralized applications could increase the demand of a token by more than 100-folds.

To date, Mollars token presale has seen just over 1.3-million tokens acquired by investors and just under $530,754 (USD) fiat raised.  The official site for the ICO sale, Mollars.com, indicates nearly 34% of the total presale token supply has now been sold.

Profit Yields Predicted To Top Solana (SOL), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Injective(INJ) , & Other Altcoins

The forecasted gains for early investors on this new store-of-value token, which will rival Bitcoin, are better than the predictions for most;  Solana (SOL), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Ripple (XRP), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Injective (INJ) each have positive forecasts but nothing near the ICO yields potential of $MOLLARS.

Currently, the Mollars token presale is in round 4 of 6.   Investors, whales and sharks included, are buying tokens at the discounted price of $0.50 [cents] each.   A profit yield will be made as soon as the new Bitcoin-alternative for Ethereum blockchain’s 250-million users is listed on a cryptocurrency exchange.  The $MOLLARS token will list on its first CEX as soon as 4-million tokens have been sold at a price of $0.62 [cents].   Presale investors will gain $0.12 [cents] on each token purchased.

This Initial Coin Offering is predicted to end towards the end of this month, February 2024.   Those predictions could shift slightly into March  with the recent domain issue, which caused Mollars.com to be offline for 3 days.

It’s expected the number of crypto wallets adding Mollars token will increase this week.  The demand for this ERC-20 token is undeniably high.    Branding value of “Mollars” has become so strong, crypto traders are buying presale tokens the moment they find the domain’s open.

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