5 signs indicating that you invested in a pyramid scheme

Users of bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, should be careful with the investments they make. Here are some pointers to avoid falling into the trap of Ponzi schemes like BitConnect or USI Tech.


It is important for users of this currency to know the risks that exist around it in order to avoid being cheated.

  1. If they offer fixed returns on investment


Promises such as:”We guarantee 5% weekly return, 150% monthly, and 300% for two months” are highly suspicious. Think of the saying,”If it is too good to be true, then it probably is”.



  1. If investors are paid for including more people in the business


This is a classic form of illegal fund-raising used in pyramid structures. It is not advisable to trust a business proposal if the inclusion of new participants is required as a condition for payment.




  1. If no telephone number or address is available to contact the responsible party


People who engage in the illegal collection of money tend to remain anonymous, so they don’t usually give out contact information. If the physical address of the operation center is not clear, or they do not provide a telephone number, this is an alarm and should be looked into.


  1. If you are forced to withhold money for a certain period of time


It is not normal if the person is told that in order to receive earnings he or she must withhold the money or disburse it on specific dates.




  1. If the person is not told how the profitability of the’ business’ works


Every investor has the right to know clearly the profitability model of the business he or she is investing in, if the understanding of the business is confusing, entangled, or too perplexed to be understood, is a valid reason to suspect their legitimacy and avoid them before being scammed.

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Felix Küster
Felix Küster

Felix Kuester works as an analyst and content manager for Captainaltcoin and specializes in chart analysis and blockchain technology. He is also actively involved in the crypto community - both online as a central contact in the Facebook and Telegram channel of Captainaltcoin and offline as an interviewer he always maintains an ongoing interaction with startups, developers and visionaries. The physicist has couple of years of professional experience as project manager and technological consultant. Felix has for many years been enthusiastic not only about the technological dimension of crypto currencies, but also about the socio-economic vision behind them.

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