5 Best Crypto to Buy Now Providing Better Returns Than PEPE: WSM, THUG, YPRED, ECOTERRA, PEPE 2.0

The legendary memecoin PEPE sparked the 2023 memecoin mania after providing outstanding returns of up to 30,000% for some lucky early adopters.

The market cap for the project currently sits at around $700 million as it enters the top 100 cryptocurrency projects in such a short period.

Despite the remarkable gains, the upside potential for new investors today is rather limited. For example, PEPE would need to reach a $2.1 billion market cap for new investors to hit a 3x return if they were to enter the market at this late stage.

As a result, investors are now hunting for gems that can provide better returns than PEPE, and we’ve found five of the best contenders in the industry for you.

The 5 Best Cryptos to Buy Right Now Providing Better Returns than PEPE

Let’s take a close look at these projects individually and see why they’re expected to provide much better returns than PEPE in July 2023.

The projects on this list provide a wide range of options, including memecoins, utility tokens, AI-based projects, and ESG-friendly ecosystems.

Wall Street Memes – Elon Musk’s New Favorite Memecoin?

Wall Street Memes tops the list of projects providing better returns than PEPE due to the enormous hype and FOMO behind this emerging memecoin.

The project has already managed to raise well over $12.5 million in fundraising in just over a month, making it one of the fastest-growing presales in 2023.

The presale uses a rising pricing strategy, so those investing earlier will leave the presale with higher levels of unrealized returns.

Investors are rushing to get positioned as early as possible in this ecosystem due to its one million-strong following, its hilarious bank of memes mocking Wall Street capitalists, and its ability to attract the attention of tech mogul Elon Musk.

Wall Street Memes has a curious origin story, stemming from the GameStop fiasco in 2021 – where the Reddit armchair investors grouped together in a movement to challenge the Wall Street giants to a battle and came out victorious – sending billion-dollar institutions into bankruptcy.

Now, Wall Street Memes is tokenizing that movement through WSM, allowing people to engage in continued speculation with an added dose of humor to go alongside it.

The entire idea behind the project is to create a community-driven ecosystem that continues to grow through shared internet culture while making a mockery of Wall Street.

The project has already developed a cult-like following, attracting over one million followers across its social media profiles.

This huge following has experts believing that it will be guaranteed a listing on a major tier-1 exchange immediately following its launch as exchanges would look to capitalize on the enormous trading volumes.

Furthermore, the hilarious nature of the memes has attracted the attention of Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who has interacted with the profile on several occasions as he comments on the funny memes that speak to him;

The interactions from Elon Musk have investors scrambling to get positioned as they speculate if the billionaire meme-lover has found a new memecoin to champion alongside his beloved Dogecoin.

Overall, Wall Street Memes has created the perfect recipe of meme-based humor, internet culture, and decentralized finance that strikes the optimal balance between hype and FOMO – setting the foundation for an explosive rise once the presale ends.

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Thug Life Token – A Low Market Cap Project With Enormous Upside Potential

The next token set to provide exceptionally higher returns than PEPE is Thug Life Token – a low market cap memecoin touted by analysts to provide quick 10x returns due to its unique presale proposition.

Thug Life Token is designed to provide a second chance for those tricked by their favorite influencers and used as exit liquidity while navigating the dangerous terrain of degen trading in Web3 markets.

The project takes inspiration from the Thug Life movement, popularized by stars such as Snoop Dogg and Tupac in the 1990s. The ethos behind the project is fueled by a mixture of humor, brotherhood, and the shared struggle of hustling in the Web3 world.

Described as the ballers’ memecoin, Thug Life wants to turn the bitter landscape of dumped presale projects into a prosperous space.

The project is already gaining significant momentum, attracting over 3,200 followers on its Twitter handle in a few days.

Investors are flocking to get positioned in this presale as it offers a unique proposal that allows users to invest on a level playing field. Instead of having multiple price points in its presale, Thug Life will sell its token supply at one set price of $0.0007 to incentivize long-term holding.

In addition, the presale has integrated a small hard cap of $2 million – meaning everybody won’t have the opportunity to get invested if they don’t act quickly enough.

The small hard cap also means that the market cap for the project will start at $2.94 million – providing room for an enormous upside. The token would only need to reach $15 million to provide 5x returns, which is a market cap achieved by most memecoins in a bullish market, such as the memecoin mania we are currently in.

Lastly, investors have strong faith in the team as they have stated that Team Finance will lock the liquidity pool as soon as the presale ends and the token hits decentralized exchanges.

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yPredict – An AI-based Project Helping Traders Become Consistently Profitable

The third option touted to provide substantially higher returns than PEPE is yPredict – a revolutionary AI-based trading analytics platform designed to help traders become consistently profitable.

yPredict has created a set of cutting-edge trading tools that can help traders make better decisions to beat the market and leave with profits.

The vast ecosystem contains a variety of products and services that have the YPRED token integrated – making it one of the strongest utility tokens emerging in 2023.

The flagship feature behind the project is the yPredict Marketplace, which allows developers to list their own price prediction models as a results-as-a-service economy. Traders can browse the highest-performing prediction models and subscribe to them on a monthly basis using YPRED tokens.

From the revenue generated, 70% is given to the price prediction model developer, and the other 30% is reinjected back into the ecosystem.

In addition, yPredict also has an analytics platform to provide traders with an edge in the crypto markets. The section contains a new breed of trading tools entirely powered by AI, capable of detecting incoming breakouts and emerging trends.

The product will alert traders with a confidence score for pattern recognition, sentiment analysis, and market indicator insights – allowing them to decide if they want to make the trade.

The platform also hosts a free-to-use Market Predictions section, allowing users to check the latest asset price predictions generated through in-house developed predictive models. This is designed to serve as an inbound traffic system to help the ecosystem keep growing.

Overall, the yPredict ecosystem is expected to provide substantial returns for YPRED holders as the utility ensures that the token will have sustained demand.

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Ecoterra – A Groundbreaking Ecosystem Rewarding Users for Recycling

The next project touted to provide higher gains than PEPE is Ecoterra, a groundbreaking ecosystem rewarding users to start recycling.

By taking elements of traditional GameFi and play-to-earn ecosystems, Ecoterra has created a Recycle2Earn application that provides earnings for those making a positive environmental contribution.

This ESG-friendly project is expected to reach mainstream circles following its fundraising as it seeks to educate the general public on the need for recycling and provide them with an adequate incentive to do it.

To start earning, users simply need to scan the barcode on recyclable material, like glass and plastic, for the AI-powered database to find an instant match and provide a quote.

Next, the app will guide them to the nearest Reverse Vending Machine (RVM), typically located in supermarkets in most cities, to deposit the materials for recycling.

Finally, users earn rewards after uploading the receipt from the RVM to the app – proving their recycling efforts.

The platform has a range of other eco-friendly actions that provide rewards, such as a Carbon Offset Marketplace, a Recycled Materials Marketplace, and an Impact Trackable Profile.

Overall, Ecoterra has created a groundbreaking solution to use Web3 for the better good of the world and help shift it into a more sustainable future.

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Pepe 2.0 – A Project Looking to Replicate the Major Success of PEPE

The final project worth mentioning takes inspiration from PEPE, naming itself PEPE 2.0. This memecoin has made headlines this week after surging by over 600%, showing no signs of slowing down;

The PEPE copycat intends to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor to replicate its major success while circumventing some of the issues that limited the growth of PEPE.

For example, PEPE launched with a code in its contract that allowed it to blacklist a group of investors, something that is heavily frowned upon in decentralized ecosystems;

For example, one wallet holding over $850,000 worth of PEPE was blacklisted – preventing him from being able to sell his tokens – damaging the permissionless aspect of the PEPE ecosystem.

PEPE 2.0 intends to avoid these mistakes by creating a totally permissionless experience for investors and is already well on the way to replicating the success of its predecessor with the 600% price surge this week.

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