3 Best Crypto to Buy Now in a Crypto Prices Bull Market This October

After a solid “Rektember” during September, traders are looking forward to the future “Uptober” October, where crypto prices typically surge.

With Bitcoin being green seven times out of the previous nine October months, it’s unsurprising that investors are now looking toward lesser-known altcoins that might produce outlandish price explosions during the month.

Here are three of the best cryptos investors are rushing to buy now in a crypto prices bull market this October.

Bitcoin Minetrix Crosses $300,000 Milestone as Investors Feel FOMO.

Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) recently crossed the $360,000 milestone as investors quickly start to feel the FOMO for this groundbreaking stake-to-mine ecosystem.

The project only started its presale a few days ago but has already caused a buzz in the industry as investors become excited about the possibilities of starting to mine Bitcoin without having to pay for expensive equipment or risk being scammed by centralized cloud mining platforms.

Essentially, Bitcoin Minetrix combines two of the hottest technologies in the industry by allowing users to stake $BTCMTX tokens to access its Bitcoin cloud mining platform.

Bitcoin Minetrix is working on tokenizing the entire cloud mining industry, helping everyday people mine $BTC for profit in a completely transparent and decentralized manner.

With the presale raising over $360,000 in its first few days, it’s clear that early backers foresee Bitcoin Minetrix as a disruptive force in the previously exclusive $BTC mining club.

Cloud mining isn’t anything new to the crypto industry. 

It allows individuals to mine without owning or maintaining expensive mining equipment. Instead, users rent or buy some computational power in dedicated mining facilities.

The process allows for a cost-effective, easy entry into the space without requiring technical expertise or paying high electricity costs.

However, the problem is that many centralized cloud mining solutions have been proven to display questionable behavioral practices, often leaving their customers short on profits with no evidence to show.

Bitcoin Minetrix is not a regular cloud mining solution.

Its entire operations are facilitated through smart contracts that automatically manage user allocations in the most transparent way.

Users simply buy $BTCMTX tokens and start staking to earn Mining Credits, which can then be burnt for access to the cloud mining solution.

In addition, stakers of $BTCMTX are currently earning an impressive 2,000% APY;

The smart contracts for Bitcoin Minetrix have been fully audited by Coinsult, proving to be completely safe with no risks or issues found.

The tokenization of the entire process ensures that end users retain complete control of their funds, as $BTCMTX can be unstaked and sold at any time to provide flexibility. This means you won’t be locked into the long-term contracts that traditional cloud mining companies enforce.

The presale is currently selling the token for $0.011 in the first stage.

Those entering the early stages benefit from the discounted prices, as the final stage will see the price increase to $0.0119.

Getting positioned in $BTCMTX is extremely easy. 

Head to the website and swap ETH, BNB, or USDT for the token. Alternatively, investors can also use their debit/credit cards to purchase.

Once the token launches, investors expect a quick 10x return from $BTCMTX as it follows the footsteps of recent Bitcoin derivatives like BTC20, which produced 5x at its peak for early adopters.

Meme Kombat Raises $230,000 In Under a Week as Traders See Huge Meme Coin Appeal.

Another one of the best cryptos to buy now in a Uptober market bull run is Meme Kombat ($MK), an innovative new stake-to-earn platform that combines genuine utility with an immersive gaming experience.

Meme Kombat merges the exciting world of memes into the competitive thrill of an automated battle arena with betting options.

Characters representing popular meme coins will engage in automated battles within the arena, with all outcomes determined on-chain through random sequencing – meaning the entire ecosystem is provably fair and completely transparent.

In addition, Meme Kombat integrates AI technology to bring the battles to life through dynamic visualizations.

Investors are becoming increasingly optimistic about the long-term prospects of $MK as they believe it will become the umbrella arena for all meme coins, meaning it will attract a very large audience to support their champions in battles.

The project has already gained the attention of some alpha callers, such as Crypto Whale Pumps – a Telegram group with over 25,000 members.

In addition, the CEO of the project is fully doxxed, a stark contrast to the typical anonymous teams behind meme coin projects.

Matt Whiteman is fully confident behind Meme Kombat and has the skills and expertise to push the meme coin into the forefront of the industry.

Users of the platform can participate in the battles through staking, allowing them to place wagers on the outcome of the matches.

All the betting occurs through the Meme Kobat user-friendly interface, with all the winnings paid out automatically through audited smart contracts.

Players can decide how much of their stake they want to bet based on their risk tolerance and gaming preferences.

In addition, stakers will also earn a yield that currently provides 112% at the time of writing.

The presale is currently gaining momentum, selling the $MK token for a price of $1.667.

Half of the 12 million $MK tokens are sold in the presale, with 30% reserved for staking and battle rewards, 10% for DEX liquidity, and 10% for community rewards to foster participation and engagement.

Users can participate in the presale by swapping ETH, USDT, or BNB for $MK on the project’s homepage.

TG.Casino Set to Rival Heavyweight Rollbit After Raising $360,000

The final Uptober crypto to buy right now is TG.Casino ($TGC) – the world’s number one crypto-based casino built on top of the Telegram platform that shares a portion of its revenues with all holders.  

Investors are eager to get positioned early in this presale after the success of Rollbit, which provided over 100x returns for early adopters.

However, TG.Casino takes its value proposition one step further by integrating an intuitive deflationary mechanism into the ecosystem, meaning that the tokens get more scarce as the platform gains adoption.

TG.Casino ($TGC) has already raised over $360,000 in its presale, demonstrating the building momentum for the project.

The first $100,000 of the presale was quickly raised through Web3 circles and blue-tick Twitter influencers, who all believe that $TGC has the potential for 100x returns.

TG/Casino is a cutting-edge platform that leverages Telegram’s security, speed, and user base. Its user base can reach 700 million users on the platform, who will have access to a completely secure and anonymous gambling platform.

The project intends to revolutionize the traditional casino reward system by providing a passive income to all holders through revenues generated on the platform.

The casino will use a share of its daily revenues to buy back $TGC tokens from the open market, providing it with a source of consistent demand.

Of the tokens bought, 60% will be distributed to all $TGC holders staking the token. The other 40% will be sent to a burner wallet to be removed from the total supply.

As a result, the $TGC token will see rising demand with a falling supply, causing a major surge in its long-term value.

The casino is highly polished, with hundreds of games through its integration with Evolution, AMATIC, and NetEnt – the world’s leading gaming providers.

It also has its own sportsbook to allow users to bet on the outcome of popular sports matches.

Finally, the platform is fully regulated as it obtains its credentials from the Gaming Curacao licensing entity – making it fully transparent and provably fair.

Overall, $TGC is expected to become a big player in the crypto-based casino market, and influencers across the board are quickly rushing to get positioned.

Users can buy $TGC for a price of $0.125 in the presale, using ETH, BNB, and USDT to get positioned.

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