2 New Crypto Coins for BTC Investors to Turn their Portfolio Profitable this Year

BTC has been largely a disappointment this year. Still hovering under $30K, the bitcoin price doesn’t provide much hope. While it may go on to climb the charts ahead of Bitcoin-halving, it is likely to flat-line into 2024. 

Meanwhile, investors are opting for new crypto coins like Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) and Meme Kombat ($MK) to maintain a profitable portfolio this year. Still in the presale stages with a low initial market cap, these cryptocurrencies have large room for growth. 

More importantly, their long-term relevance is underpinned by exciting, market-relevant use cases. 

1. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Bitcoin mining is one of the most profitable modern avenues for making income. 

But it is unfeasible as far as most investors are concerned. They are looking for a passive source of income. They can’t afford to make substantial investments in heavy equipment and manage energy-intensive mining rigs. That’s a daunting, time-consuming task as well. 

Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) is a new stake-to-earn-to-mine platform that allows investors to benefit from Bitcoin mining, but without any of the hassles associated with it. For example, it doesn’t require you to invest in hardware or monitor the equipment. 

How does it work?

All you need to do is buy $BTCMTX, lock it in the native staking protocol for a period that you’re comfortable with, and watch the BTC rewards accrue. The stake-to-mine platform has yet to go live.  So when you stake your $BTCMTX tokens now, you will get more $BTCMTX tokens as rewards. 

But once the stake-to-mine goes live, the staking rewards will be paid as cloud mining credits. When you burn them, your wallet will credit mining rewards in BTC. 

The project’s goal is to allow retail investors to take their dive into the mining arena without compromising on their budget. Neither does it require any time or technical skills. It is a completely passive source of income. 

How Bitcoin Minetrix works

Not just another cloud mining platform

Cloud mining theoretically opened the doors of bitcoin mining to retail investors. But in practice, it is inaccessible. It requires hardware investment or devices. It needs monitoring. And it requires participants to enter into mining contracts with an initial capital investment. 

Many of these platforms have also engaged in questionable behavior in the past. 

Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) comparative analysis

This is where Bitcoin Minetrix marks itself off. The project is as simple as it can get. Here, staking and mining are combined, striking a balance between accessibility and potential rewards. You can get started on Bitcoin Minetrix by buying BTCMTX tokens. They are now selling in the presale for just $0.011 each. 

How high can BTCMTX go?

Since BTCMTX has a low initial market cap, there is substantial room for growth for early investors. The token can grow 30X to 50X within a year, based on a conservative estimate, given the exponential potential of Bitcoin derivatives. For example, projects like BTC2.0, BTC20, and Bitcoin Cash experienced significant surges shortly after their launch.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) all-time price action, CoinMarketCap

Although BTC2.0 was a fleeting trend, utility-based tokens like Bitcoin Cash continue to dominate the market. Bitcoin Minetrix’s stake-to-mine token could follow in the footsteps of BCH. 


2. Meme Kombat ($MK)

Meme Kombat ($MK) is the latest viral meme coin in the market.

In a flooded meme coin landscape, where most candidates settle for popular meme characters without anything relevant underpinning their value, Meme Kombat stands out.

The play-to-earn ecosystem allows users to wager in battles between meme characters, combining the three of the hottest crypto trends—betting, memes, and gaming. 

Meme Kombat’s key highlight is its gaming mechanics. While the meme coin label does help the project attract investors in the initial phase, its lasting appeal will be rooted in its utility and demand. 

A thriving gaming community

This is substantiated by the fact that Meme Kombat is committed to fostering a thriving gaming community from the initial stage. The play-to-earn utility of the token will go live with the launch of Meme Kombat Season 1 which follows the presale and token listing.

While Season 1 will feature 11 meme characters, Season 2 will feature new updates and characters. The latter is scheduled for launch in December 2023 with more gaming mechanics. 

Top-ranking gamers on the leaderboards will earn attractive rewards in $MK tokens.

A credible team

The Meme Kombat team is led by Matt Whiteman, who brings 20 years of experience in process design and improvement to the table. Since the team is doxxed, the project has accountability and credibility. 

The team has also revealed the physical address of the project – Weesperstraat 61, Amsterdam, Netherlands. The unparalleled transparency sets Meme Kombat apart in the meme coin market.


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Felix Küster
Felix Küster

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