0x Protocol Skyrockets 91%, Outperforming Bitcoin. Hefty Uptick Predicted for Immutable and InQubeta

The current bullish sentiment is influencing the performance of the cryptocurrency market. Even assets like 0x Protocol (ZRX) shot up by 91% in value last week. Price data shows that it has skyrocketed by more than 300% in two months, which is more than Bitcoin’s (BTC) growth in the same amount of time.

Bullish momentum has also affected Immutable (IMX) and InQubeta (QUBE). Immutable is famous for its Web3 solutions. Meanwhile, InQubeta marries artificial intelligence and DeFi, two billion-dollar industries that have steadily climbed. The recent performance of IMX and QUBE has driven analysts to project meteoric upside potential for these DeFi companies.

Let’s discuss the rally of ZRX and the traction of QUBE and IMX.

InQubeta’s (QUBE) Remarkable Performance Hints At Meteoric Upside Growth 

InQubeta is a groundbreaking DeFi cryptocurrency platform that is already flexing its strong foundation. Although the presale only went live earlier this year, QUBE has already surged by 130%, showcasing its potential to deliver even more profit to investors when it launches. The InQubeta presale has enjoyed a rising number of investors due to its offering of the best crypto investment opportunities in the AI industry.

InQubeta is one of the many DeFi companies utilizing artificial intelligence in their projects, but with a twist that has multiple advantages for investors. The platform helps AI startups secure crowdfunding by offering NFTs that have investment opportunities baked into them. When QUBE holders buy these assets, the startups can use the funds to develop their company, and as they grow, more gains will print on investors’ portfolios.

Many investors have praised the token’s deflationary and governance features, adding that the rewards from the QUBE staking mechanism make InQubeta the best crypto investment to secure residual income. InQubeta has all the markings of a complete DeFi project that could boast billions in value soon. This is why investors are rushing to get in on the crypto ICO.

QUBE is currently being sold for a discount of $0.0161, increasing demand for the token. The presale has sold more than 497 million tokens and raised over $4.8 million, meaning the project has strong backing. Investors who invested initially have already pocketed 130% returns, but investors who get in now still have 91% profits to make before the crypto ICO ends and QUBE debuts on exchanges. 

Immutable’s (IMX) Ubisoft Partnership Triggers Higher Prices

Gaming tokens are currently on a winning streak, and Immutable is one of them. Gains came after the Ethereum scaling network announced that it had executed a mega partnership with Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab. Last week, the IMX token marked a percentage bump of over 156% from its October low.

News of this development triggered bullish sentiment, resulting in massive demand for the IMX token. This new partnership is because Immutable and Ubisoft are working on a new game together. Analysts have predicted that, if properly done, Immutable could ride the wave of Ubisoft’s growth and cement itself as a dominant cryptocurrency in the gaming sector.

0x Protocol’s (ZRX) Surge Is Evidence Of Increased Market Bullishness 

In two days, the governance token of the 0x Protocol, ZRX, recently bumped up 91% in value, shocking blockchain and crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Observers have detailed three main reasons why the token shot up. Santiment has pegged the recent rally of ZRX as a ripple effect of whale activity, highlighting that massive transactions are at a new high. Another reason is the market-wide bullish momentum that recently entered the crypto market, pushing tokens like Bitcoin towards the $40,000 figure. This momentum has pushed ZRX up 250% from last month’s low, outperforming the growth of Bitcoin in the same timeframe.


The 91% rally of 0x Protocol confirms the widespread bullish momentum that has made rounds in the crypto market. This means that investors should position themselves on cryptocurrencies that promise an upside surge when impact events hit by the end of this year or early next year. QUBE and IMX are tokens that could do just that—especially InQubeta, which has been delivering stellar performances since it went live. The project’s equity-based NFTs also make it a prime investment option. The QUBE token is still at a discount, and investors are advised to buy in before it hits top exchanges and its price skyrockets.

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Torsten Hartmann
Torsten Hartmann

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