Zeeve Adds Support for Avalanche Subnets and Upgrades Its Web3 Infrastructure Stack

Santa Monica, United States, 29th November, 2022, Chainwire

Zeeve, the leading web3 infrastructure automation platform, has added support for Avalanche Subnets, an app-specific custom blockchain solution that lets anyone create their own L1 chain optimized for their needs. 

Zeeve aims to make the web3 development experience simpler and more efficient for users. Adding Avalanche subnets to its existing infrastructure stack supports this ongoing mission. An enterprise-grade deployment of Avalanche nodes will assist around-the-clock interoperability and also prove exceptionally scalable for enterprises.

Zeeve CEO Dr. Ravi Chamria said: “Application-specific chains or AppChains are gathering pace. But setting one up takes a lot of technical expertise and ongoing maintenance hassles. Zeeve’s web3 infrastructure automation framework makes subnet deployment and management seamless, secure, reliable, and scalable.”

Avalanche subnets offer unique advantages for developers looking for flexibility, scalability, and security in their projects. One key benefit is the ability for subnets to have independent tokenomics, with their own native tokens and fee markets. This creates opportunities for diverse use cases and customizable ecosystems.

Subnets also allow developers to easily adjust parameters and network structures as needed through pre-compiles. Subnets are VM agnostic, meaning enterprises can design virtual machines specific to their requirements.

Zeeve helps set up a cross-cloud deployment architecture for both the validator and non-validator nodes including whitelisting with Avalanche MainNet and Fuji TestNet. It supports all the major cloud providers including AWS, Google Cloud, MS Azure, and Digital Ocean. Apart from Zeeve-managed services, users also have the option to bring their own cloud. 

About Zeeve

Founded in 2021, Zeeve is the leading blockchain infrastructure automation platform helping enterprises and blockchain startups build, deploy, and manage reliable dApps, blockchain nodes, and networks. Over 15,000 developers, startups, and businesses trust Zeeve for their deployment and management needs. 

Zeeve supports over 30 public and private blockchain protocols with advanced analytics and monitoring of nodes and networks. It features a powerful set of APIs to build dApps for a plethora of use cases across industries.

Learn more: zeeve.io


Dr Ravi Chamria
Zeeve Inc.

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