You See a Coin Went 600%+, but Are You Too Late? The Trick is To Look at Holders

It’s not uncommon to see a coin skyrocket in value by 600% or more, surrounded by a whirlwind of hype and speculation. The allure of such a coin can be irresistible, but the question remains: Are you too late to the party?

In this article, we delve into a strategy recently shared on Twitter that can help you determine if the risk/reward ratio (R/R) is still favorable for your investment. This playbook, originally shared by Cyril, a DeFi expert, provides insights into how to navigate the treacherous waters of crypto investments.

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Cyril’s strategy involves understanding the movements of ‘whales’ – investors who hold large amounts of a particular cryptocurrency. By observing their activities, you can potentially save your hard-earned money and avoid being on the receiving end of a ‘dump’, a situation where a significant sell-off causes the coin’s value to plummet.

To illustrate this strategy, Cyril uses the example of #PEPE2, a coin that has seen an astronomical 6504% increase in value since its launch.

The first step in this process is to head over to DEXTools, a platform that provides real-time data and analytics for decentralized exchanges. Here, you can copy the token’s address for further analysis.

Next, Cyril recommends using Bubblemaps, a tool that visualizes the connections between different wallets. By inputting the token’s address, you can spot potential red flags. In the case of #PEPE2, the first red flag was the presence of too many connecting wallets.

With the market cap (Mcap) of the token at $38 million, Cyril questions the wisdom of investing at this stage. In his opinion, the risk outweighs the potential reward.

Further analysis of the top 10 wallets holding #PEPE2 revealed more concerning details. All three wallets analyzed had received tokens and were up by 700%. With the token’s Mcap at $39 million, the risk of investing at this stage seemed too high.

Cyril advises that if you find yourself late to the party, it’s safer to sit it out rather than risk a significant loss.

In conclusion, if multiple wallets in the top 10 have already seen a 700% increase or more, it’s probably too late to invest. It would only take two or three of these wallets to sell off their holdings and cause the coin’s value to plummet.

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