XRP20, WSM and CHMPZ Slated for 10x Growth, Crypto Investors Flocking To Their Presales

The crypto community is always on the lookout for that next big token, but you have to keep a good eye out to know which of them actually fit that bill. Fortunately, strong investment figures in certain presales are providing corresponding proof.

XRP20, WSM, and CHMPZ are looking like they will be some of the most promising tokens going forward and the number of investors flocking to their presale is proof that. We explain everything that you need to know about these tokens and what they are offering.

XRP20 is an Evolution of XRP

XRP20 is a project that adopts the ERC-20 standard and draws inspiration from Ripple Labs’ original XRP token. This new initiative presents an opportunity for those who missed out on the significant growth of the original token. It’s important to note that XRP20 is an independent project and has no affiliation with XRP or Ripple Labs.

Recently, the concept of a “meta 2.0 version” has gained traction among token buyers, as it leverages a well-established brand name and offers the potential for comparable investment returns as observed in the past.

During the ongoing presale, the XRP20 token is available at a price of $0.000092. The presale aims to reach a minimum soft cap of $1,850,000, and the project’s target is to raise up to $3,680,000.

The token distribution strategy has been thoughtfully designed to encourage long-term growth and incentivize active participation. Out of the total supply, 40% is allocated to the presale, and another 40% is dedicated to the project’s staking pool. Additionally, XRP20 is a deflationary coin, with 0.1% of each buy and sell transaction being burned over time. Unlike XRP, no tokens have been reserved for founders or team members, ensuring equal opportunities for all participants.

The roadmap for XRP20 outlines plans to drive value growth and foster community engagement. Following the presale, the team will focus on pre-launch marketing and burn activation to increase the token’s scarcity before its introduction on a decentralized exchange (DEX). This approach aims to democratize access to the token and boost its market presence. Subsequently, post-launch community staking will further incentivize and engage the project’s community members.

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Wall St Memes Is The Craziest Crypto Community Around

Wall Street Memes (WSM) is a community first and foremost. It is remarkable in that it cleverly combines internet culture, meme-based humor, and the financial industry. Its main goal is to satirize and critique the traditional financial system while offering people the chance to participate in cryptocurrency investments, especially meme coins.

At its core, Wall Street Memes introduces its own cryptocurrency, the $WSM token, allowing individuals to engage in speculative investments similar to Wall Street, but with a humorous and irreverent twist. By joining the Wall Street Memes community and investing in $WSM, individuals show support for the movement and have the potential to profit from meme-based cryptocurrencies.

A notable feature that sets Wall Street Memes apart is its sizable and well-established community present on various social media platforms, providing a strong foundation for rapid growth. Additionally, interactions with influential figures like Elon Musk have positively impacted the project due to his significant role in the meme coin world.

Currently in its presale stage, the WSM token is priced at $0.0328 per token, with plans to increase it to $0.0331 in the next phase. Despite its relatively short existence, the project has garnered remarkable support, raising over $20.3 million during the presale, indicating its considerable popularity.

For those interested in acquiring the token, they can use ETH or USDT as their preferred payment method. The WSM team emphasizes transparency and provides comprehensive information about the project’s tokenomics. The presale allocation constitutes 50% of the total token supply, with 30% dedicated to community rewards, and the remaining 20% evenly distributed between CEX and DEX liquidity.

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Make The World A Better Place With Chimpzee 

Chimpzee (CHMPZ) represents a significant initiative with a dual focus on addressing critical issues such as wildlife preservation and climate change, while also providing users with passive income opportunities. The project team demonstrates their commitment by allocating 10% of the token supply and a portion of profits to organizations actively fighting these urgent challenges. Chimpzee places great importance on creating awareness and funding for conservation projects, as evidenced by their ambassador and community outreach program.

At the heart of the Chimpzee ecosystem lies the Chimpzee shop, acting as a centralized hub that offers a wide variety of goods and commodities. Additionally, the NFT marketplace enables users to engage in buying and selling NFTs, generating passive income through a percentage of the platform’s trading fees.

One notable aspect is the Zero Tolerance Game, which strongly upholds the principle of environmental protection. Players can earn CHMPZ tokens by achieving specific milestones in this game. To enhance passive income opportunities further, Chimpzee NFT passport holders gain exclusive benefits, allowing them to accumulate more CHMPZ tokens. The process of obtaining a Chimpzee NFT passport is detailed below.

New Meme Coin to Watch Aiming to be Next $BONK, $WIF or $MEW

Milei Moneda is a new meme coin inspired by the political and economic views of Javier Milei, an Argentine president known for his libertarian and pro-Bitcoin stance. You have an opportunity with the ongoing low presale price to get in early!


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Furthermore, Chimpzee has ambitious plans to launch a mobile application that utilizes AI technology to create personalized Chimpzee AI avatars. This innovative app empowers users to design their own unique chimpanzee avatars, which will become available after the presale period concludes.

The presale for Chimpzee involves a total token supply of 40 billion, and any unsold tokens will be permanently removed from circulation at the end of the presale period. Currently, Chimpzee is conducting its presale, offering the token at a price of $0.000775 during this stage. The price will subsequently increase to $0.00085, and the listing price will be set at $0.00185.

Following the presale, Chimpzee will make NFT passports available. Only investors from presale stage 1 will have the exclusive opportunity to purchase the Chimpzee Diamond NFT passports. A whitelist event will be arranged specifically for these investors before the NFT passports become accessible to the general public. Any unsold Diamond NFT passports will be made available for public acquisition.

After the presale, regular NFT passports will also be released exclusively to presale investors. A whitelist event will be held, and any unclaimed passports will be made available for the general public to acquire.

It’s important to note that only participants in the initial round of the presale will be eligible to obtain the exclusive Chimpzee Diamond NFT passport. When CHMPZ coins are used to purchase Chimpzee NFT passports, they will be burned, potentially reducing the overall circulating supply by up to 10%.

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There you have it – three tokens that crypto investors can’t seem to get enough of. As a result, they very much look like they could attain exponential growth in the months to come. We highly recommend keeping an eye on these tokens and their social channels.

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Disclaimer: We advise readers to do their own research before interacting with any featured companies. The information provided is not financial or legal advice. Neither CaptainAltcoin nor any third party recommends buying or selling any financial products. Investing in cryptoassets is high-risk; consider the potential for loss. CaptainAltcoin is not liable for any damages or losses from using or relying on this content.

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