Worldcoin Rally Slows Down, While This AI Coin Gains Dominance 

Despite the broader market bearish trend, Worldcoin continues to rule the charts. The token hit its all-time high on Feb 23, Friday, touching $8.98. 

Over the last seven days, WLD has recorded a 105.82% jump. On the monthly chart, the number touches an impressive 240.84%. Worldcoin’s pump has fuelled interest in AI coins in general. The eTukTuk presale just crossed the $1.3M milestone, signalling a breakout. 

Worldcoin Pump Slows Down

As the rule goes, a massive pump is always followed by a dump. For long-term investors, the price corrections don’t make much of a difference. But for traders, it is bad news. 

For better context, WLD began this year at $3.5782 with a market cap of just $138M. Now it is selling for $8.06 with a market cap above $1B. In less than two months, the AI coin has capitalised on the pre-halving rally to make a steep climb up the charts. 

Worldcoin all-time price action, CoinMarketCap

While the broader market is in a dip, AI coins continue to dominate the market. The increasing confidence in AI is behind the rally, as chipmaker Nvidia (NVDA) reported a boost in revenue by 265% to $22bn, compared to a year earlier, in the three months to 28 January.

Nvidia chief executive Jensen Huang’s statement that “accelerated computing and generative AI have hit the tipping point” spread a wave of euphoria in the crypto market. According to Bob O’Donnell of Technalysis Research, AI is no longer only used by specialised technology companies. It is starting to see mainstream usage. 

Worldcoin, co-created by OpenAI founder Sam Altman, is one of the most talked-about projects of this year. Worldcoin’s wildly ambitious goal to become the world’s largest digital identity and financial network has earned its share of fans and critics. The combustibility of the project is high, compared to other AI coins. 

Projects like SingularityNET, Fetch.AI, and Render also climbed the charts in the AI frenzy. The rapid surge, a reflection of the broader sensation, is unlikely to materialise into sustainable gains over the next few days, however. Price corrections are due.

$TUK: The Next Big AI Coin is Launching After 5 Years in Development

High-cap AI projects like Worldcoin, Fetch.AI, and SingularityNET are looking at a bright road ahead. But their large market caps leave small room for returns to latecomers. 

For example, Worldcoin was selling for just $0.9758 on Sep 13, 2023. Within 5 months, it recorded a +732.07% jump. But we can’t expect the token to pull off a similar price appreciation in the coming months due to the saturated market cap.

New AI coins like eTukTuk ($TUK) offer higher upside potential. In the presale stage, $TUK is selling for a fixed price of $0.027 now. It has the potential to climb 100X to 500X in the coming weeks as it makes its way to exchanges. 

In a market crowded with flimsy projects, $TUK stands apart with its real-world relevance in the EV market. It is one of the few crypto projects that can aim for mainstream adoption this year. After 5 years in development, the project is preparing to hit the market. 

$TUK is the native token of eTukTuk, an EV token that makes green transportation more accessible in developing economies by integrating AI and blockchain technologies. 

Despite their accessibility and affordability, traditional Tuk-Tuks contribute significantly to carbon emissions in developing countries. Recognizing their role in urban economies, eTukTuk introduces electric Tuk-Tuks along with a blockchain-based payment system and a network of EV charging stations. 

This visionary approach is comparable to Tesla’s, but the project has narrowed down its focus to developing economies to bring them under the purview of the EV sustainability market. 

$TUK will be the primary currency for making charging payments in the ecosystem. It will also be used as the reward token for Territory Partners who manage EV charging stations and Power Stakers who secure the blockchain payment system. A P2E game inspired by Crazy Taxi is also in development. 

During the short presale window, early investors are hoarding the token at low costs. The presale has raced past the $1.3M milestone with the growing traffic. It won’t be long before $TUK sells out and lists on major crypto exchanges.  Attractive staking rewards with up to 180% APY are active for early investors. 


Altcoins to Watch Now 

Apart from eTukTuk, another high-potent altcoin to watch this quarter is Bitcoin Minetrix. Like eTukTuk, Bitcoin Minetrix is in the presale stage. But it is likely to enter the market sooner than eTukTuk, having crossed the $11M milestone already. 

The project simplifies access to Bitcoin mining rewards through a staking system. In the meme coin category, Solana-based SMOG is fuelling a frenzy with a series of airdrops. 

Although SMOG has climbed 22% over the last 24 hours, it is on the brink of an exponential pump. Investors who buy SMOG directly from the website get a 10% OTC discount. 

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