With 1.3 Billion Coins Sold So Far, BlockDAG Stuns Cosmos & Kaspa Investors, Emerges as Kaspa-Killer

By definition, trendy crypto coins are digital currencies that attract market interest due to their unique features, state-of-the-art technology, or potential for large gains. Locating and assessing these currencies is essential for investors hoping to stay ahead of the curve as the cryptocurrency industry grows. The Kaspa blockchain, on the other hand, combines the best aspects of scalability and safe Proof-of-Work consensus. Meanwhile, Cosmos Hub stated on the X platform that Partial Set Security (PSS) has moved towards definition.

BlockDAG (BDAG), on the contrary, stands out in the crypto industry thanks to its commitment to offering simple mining experiences, whether at home or on a smartphone. The BlockDAG x1 mobile app, which can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store, makes cryptocurrency mining more accessible by enabling anybody to easily mine up to 20 BDAG coins worth $1 at launch per day.

Future Outlook for Cosmos (ATOM)

Cosmos claims to solve some of the “hardest problems” that the blockchain industry is now facing in its marketing. It aims to provide an alternative to “slow, expensive, unscalable, and environmentally harmful” Proof-of-Work methods, such those used by Bitcoin, by offering an ecosystem of interconnected blockchains. The main blockchain of the project, Cosmos Hub, is made more secure by the hybrid Proof-of-Stake method that creates ATOM tokens. This cryptocurrency participates in network governance as well.

Holders of Cosmos (ATOM) have been expecting for the cryptocurrency project to revive for about a year. Still, throughout that time, the market performance of Cosmos has remained the same. From the last year till now, ATOM has lost 31.12% of its worth, holders can not hold it any longer. They are also motivated to do this because, as of writing.

A Closer Look at Kaspa Holder (KAS) and its Dynamics

The layer 1 blockchain network Kaspa operates using the conventional PoW method. However, there’s another significant aspect of Kaspa that makes it scalable. Kaspa is built on the Proof-of-Work consensus method and is fundamentally based on the BlockDAG (Block Directed Acyclic Graph) architecture. The project takes inspiration from the original Bitcoin blockchain and keeps most of its core features. The Kaspa blockchain has become a well-known initiative in the business since it was introduced in 2021.

BlockDAG’s Presale Success Sparks Global Frenzy

At first, BlockDAG, now the best altcoin to invest in, presented itself as the successor to Bitcoin and Kaspa’s renown. However, with its current presale success, it can be predicted that BlockDAG will soon stand shoulder-to-shoulder with these legends or even become the Kaspa-Killer. BlockDAG uses cutting-edge technology to simplify and increase accessibility to transactions, making them more safe and decentralized for all traders. Additionally, BlockDAG uses this amazing technology to offer simple mining and enhances that further with a collection of amazing cryptocurrency miners known as the X-Series.

From beginners who can use the BlockDAG x1 mobile mining software, which can mine up to 20 BDAG coins daily, to experts who can use the BlockDAG x100, the X-Series offers a wide spectrum of cryptocurrency mining devices. This amount indicates a $100 daily earning at launch since the BDAG coin is expected to trade at $0.05 at launch.

Beyond the Great Kick-Off: What’s Next?

In front of well-known rivals like Cosmos (ATOM), Kaspa rallies to its new all-time high. Meanwhile, BlockDAG (BDAG), the predicted Kaspa-Killer, is showing massive potential within its presale stages and is hence becoming a global sensation. With fantastic technology and tremendous potential, BDAG dominates the market and looks to achieve even greater success soon. In six months, BDAG plans to launch its mainnet. Furthermore, the endeavour aims to raise $600 million by 2024 making it one of the most sought-out crypto presales in the market currently.

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