Will Ethereum Breakout To Hit $2,900? Investors Keep An Eye on ETH and These 2 Altcoins

Ethereum remains one of the strongest choices for investors right now, with the DeFi space continuing to see great growth and acceleration. It therefore comes as no surprise that ETH is doing very well and has the potential to climb much closer to $3,000. However, altcoins may seem even better.

Meme Kombat (MK) and Telegram Casino (TGC) are emerging as great alternatives to the market’s second biggest asset. Investors are eagerly embracing these tokens, making it essential to learn more about them. We offer detailed information on the unique features of each project, along with details on their presales.

ETH Price Prediction Looking Slightly Optimistic

Since June 2022, Ethereum’s value has established a pattern of three higher lows and approximately three highs of similar magnitude. Drawing trend lines to connect these pivotal points unveils the formation of an ascending triangle. Confirmation of a breakout will occur with a conclusive weekly candlestick closure above the horizontal resistance level of the triangle, set at $2,000.

This technical pattern anticipates a 43% upturn, reaching $2,943, calculated by gauging the distance between the initial swing high and swing low up to the breakout point at $2,000. Presently, Ethereum’s value is positioned above the resistance level of $1,936 on the Momentum Reversal Indicator (MRI) and below the horizontal resistance of the ascending triangle. At first glance, it appears that ETH has transformed the $1,936 obstacle into a supportive foundation.

Assuming Bitcoin’s price remains stable in the coming weeks without experiencing a significant downturn, Ethereum is poised to break out and initiate an upward movement towards $2,943. However, this ascent may encounter resistance at the $2,539 barrier, a crucial support level observed in March 2022.

Meme Kombat is Changing Up The Meme Coin Niche

The Meme Kombat (MK) project is developing a specialized platform tailored for gaming enthusiasts and meme fans. It introduces distinctive features like active betting and passive staking, offering multiple avenues for earning rewards, particularly appealing to avid gamers.

At its core, the platform places a strong emphasis on memes, as evident in its name, Meme Kombat. In the first season, 11 distinct memes compete for the esteemed title of the ultimate meme. With future seasons on the horizon, there is significant potential for the introduction of new features and earning opportunities. This positions the project as a source of long-term rewards and sustained engagement.

Impressively, Meme Kombat has already secured over $1.9 million in funding, a notable achievement considering the recent initiation of the presale. The MK token is currently valued at $0.205 and can be acquired using either ETH or USDT. This presents an exciting opportunity as the project introduces a genuinely innovative concept to the crypto and gaming communities.

During the presale, investors have the chance to engage in staking with an impressive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 530%, eliminating the need to wait for the battles feature to be launched. Simply acquire MK tokens during the presale and stake them in the Meme Kombat arena—it’s as straightforward as that.

The Meme Kombat presale has generated a surge of interest from investors, indicating strong enthusiasm for this type of project. The MK token presale allocates 50% of the total supply, with 30% earmarked for staking and battle rewards. Additionally, 10% each is set aside for DEX liquidity and community rewards. This significant allocation underscores the team’s dedication to ensuring the community reaps substantial rewards.

As for the future, season 2 is scheduled to debut in Q4 2023, bringing new battle formats, rewards, and opportunities. Looking ahead to 2024, the team is actively exploring potential additions such as fresh game modes and strategic partnerships.

Telegram Casino Has Raised Over $2.6 Million

Telegram Casino (TGC) has been attracting noteworthy attention lately, with steadily increasing interest since its inception. The recent developments in both crypto casinos and online casinos as a whole indicate a discernible demand, with investors expressing a keen interest in new tokens. Positioned as an “ecosystem that consistently rewards its players through the power of TGC,” its significance is underscored by the global valuation of the online casino market, currently standing at $263.3 billion. This demand is unmistakably evident in the impressive start of the presale, which has raised hundreds of thousands.

Telegram Casino distinguishes itself by operating as an online, mobile-accessible, and anonymous casino. No KYC or wallet is required; only funds are necessary to start playing. Additionally, there is an enticing 25% cashback on all losses when betting with the TGC token.

At the core of the project’s ecosystem is the TGC token, which has already secured over $2.6 million in funding. Given this rapid progress, investors are encouraged to take swift action. The current price of the TGC token is $0.16, aligning with its listing price.

It’s important to note that exclusive rewards are available, including the opportunity to acquire a special NFT. For investments exceeding $5000, post-launch rewards are also on offer. Additionally, a 40% burn mechanism is in place to support prices. Tokens acquired during the presale can be promptly staked, providing an approximate Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 217%.


Ethereum is still something that investors will want to keep a close eye on. However, for those seeking hidden gems, both Meme Kombat and Telegram Casino are particularly noteworthy. The robust interest in their presales highlights the significant demand from investors for projects of this kind. We suggest promptly diving into these tokens’ presales and actively engaging with their respective social channels.

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