Will $DOGE Hit $1 in 2024 – and Can This New Memecoin Outpace It?

Cryptocurrency has made many millionaires and Dogecoin has been legendary in the past for its overnight Lambo potential. The top-ranked memecoin that started as a joke suddenly grew like wildfire and has now become a fixture of the ecosystem. Now, its status is being challenged by $GFOX, the native token of Web3 P2E gaming platform, Galaxy Fox. This token is set to outpace major memecoins and here’s why you should consider adding it to your portfolio.

$DOGE To Hit $1, Tipped as Payment Option on X

One of the questions on the front burner among crypto analysts is whether Dogecoin can continue its ascent and make more crypto millionaires. The memecoin has a lot going for it. First, it has enjoyed the endorsement of celebrities. Historically, Elon Musk’s tweets have led to sudden spikes in Dogecoin’s value. Moreover, there are technical developments and growing institutional interest. A robust and enthusiastic community has  also been one of the strengths of the meme token. 

There is also speculation that plans are underway to integrate Dogecoin ($DOGE) as a payment method on X (formerly Twitter). Analysts suggest that the development could materialize in the coming months. This has caused noticeable positive bias in $DOGE as investors envisage that a major pump is on the cards.

Technical analysis and on-chain data has also provided a basis for optimism about the future prospects of Dogecoin. It has witnessed an uptick in its On-chain activity, due to a growing user base and increasing transaction volumes.

The general crypto space is expected to experience massive growth throughout this year, $DOGE and many other cryptocurrencies are poised to witness notable gains. This coupled with the token great fundamentals, it won’t be a surprise if $DOGE hit the $1 mark by Q3.

Galaxy Fox sets to Outpace $DOGE as it continues its presale success

Galaxy Fox’s presale has grown significantly, surpassing expectations along the way. The rapid growth of this novel project represents a teeming community of investors who support the project’s vision and would love to identify with it. They see the golden opportunity of turning their little investments to massive wealth. 

This impressive growth and rapid adoption has put the token in the spotlight, with experts predicting it could outpace $DOGE soon after its presale rounds. At the core of the Galaxy Fox ecosystem is a Web3 endless runner game that combines excitement and great rewards for players. For instance, the top 20% of players each season share in a revenue pool funded by in-game purchases.

In addition, there is a staking system with attractive yields. There is also a 6% transaction fee which is distributed to the treasury, Stargate trading pool and the liquidity pool. 2% of this is allocated to those who participate in staking. This feature and many more has made the token the best among its peers.

$GFOX has a supply cap of five billion tokens. Tokens are strategically allocated towards liquidity, ecosystem development, and rewards. This is in an effort to guarantee the project’s success far into the future. 

Moreover, the token burning model reduces the number of tokens in circulation which ultimately increases the inherent value of the token. Galaxy Fox is now in stage 6 of its presale with over two billion tokens sold already.


Although $DOGE can potentially get to $1 considering the fact that it has enjoyed celebrity endorsements, we are likely also going to see it being used as a payment option on X. However, Galaxy Fox has defied all expectations and this has stirred up speculation as some experts believe it can outpace $DOGE because it is a meme token with real utility, multiple use case, and solid tokenomics design.

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Learn more about $GFOX here:

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