Why Will Chainlink (LINK) Outperform All Cryptos Long-Term, Including Ethereum

Chainlink has far more utility than simply providing price feeds and should outperform even Ethereum long-term, argues crypto analyst Crypto Cobrex.

While many still see Chainlink (LINK) as solely an oracle network for data feeds, Cobrex explains it has evolved into a complete decentralized services platform, like the “AWS of blockchain.”

Chainlink now offers a suite of capabilities, including data feeds, end-to-end blockchain computing services, and cross-chain interoperability. Each could thrive as an independent project, yet they are seamlessly integrated into one platform.

For data, Chainlink provides services like feeds, streams, and proof of reserve. For computing, it offers Functions, Automation, and VRF randomness. And for connectivity, Chainlink developed the Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP).

This comprehensive infrastructure positions LINK to capture value across public and private ecosystems. By collaborating with existing systems like SWIFT and DTCC, Chainlink can integrate and tokenize real-world assets at scale.

Cobrex notes that financial institutions want the reliability and transparency Chainlink brings – especially after crises like 2008 caused by opaque risk data. These partnerships give LINK massive revenue potential through fees in both centralized and decentralized spheres.

As Cobrex concludes, LINK is emerging as the universal token for decentralized services, from data to computing to cross-chain functions. This makes its long-term potential more analogous to ETH than a basic Oracle token.

With so much utility packed into one essential platform, LINK may be one of the biggest value captures of Web3 infrastructure in the coming years if adoption continues to grow exponentially.

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Crypto analyst Crypto Cobrex sees Chainlink becoming far more than just a price feed provider. With its comprehensive decentralized services platform integrating data, smart contracts, and cross-chain connectivity, LINK is positioned to be a key backbone token of Web3, likely outpacing the growth of even Ethereum in the long term. The universal nature of Chainlink’s offerings gives it potential to capture value across public and private

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