Why Predict-to-Earn Token Green Bitcoin Should Not be Missed this Month 

This is an exciting time to be a part of the crypto market. 

Most assets are slowly gaining value, rewarding investors generously. Bitcoin is reaching for $50k, and it seems like a realistic goal, with some analysts projecting the coin to touch $100,000 soon. 

But strategic investors have also been pouring money into another cryptocurrency this month. Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) is a new project that brings new vigor and engagement to the market with its gamified green staking system. 

Here are two reasons why $GBTC shouldn’t be missed this month. 

Green Bitcoin Has Both Speculative and Intrinsic Potential 

Green Bitcoin leverages the brand label of bitcoin. Bitcoin has built an explosive reputation for its game-changing innovation since its launch. Good, bad, or ugly, the project’s publicity has always been inevitably linked to its price action. 

Over the last ten years, BTC has gained 63384.45%.

Green Bitcoin’s ‘Bitcoin’ tag helps it tap into the viral potential of the brand. The project has chosen Ethereum as its blockchain ecosystem, however, which is about 10,000 times more energy efficient than Bitcoin. 

With this choice, Green Bitcoin justifies its green tag and appeals to investors who are wary of the massive energy consumption of Bitcoin. But more importantly, it grabs the attention of speculative investors, who jump right onto themes that have explosive potential in the market. 

But Green Bitcoin’s capabilities lie beyond that. 

The project’s intrinsic value lies in its gamified staking system that rewards users for making accurate predictions. As a $GBTC owner, you can stake your tokens in the predict-to-earn dashboard to earn attractive rewards. Unlike betting, predictions are not completely random. But then, they are not completely technical either. Right predictions require a good balance of instincts and insights. 

Green Bitcoin’s gamified staking system caters to both experts and beginners, as a result. The high volatility of the crypto market will consistently fuel engagement and competition in the ecosystem. 

Interestingly, the green theme of the project extends beyond the integration of the energy-efficient Ethereum blockchain. It is applicable to the gamified predict-to-earn ecosystem as well. How? Only predictions that fall within the green zone are eligible for rewards. 

Users gain entry to the predict-to-earn contest by staking their tokens in the dashboard. The process enables them to forecast the next day’s Bitcoin price. The project notes that the predict-to-earn dashboard will expand to more assets and events in future stages. 

While accurate predictions lead to rewarding outcomes, the extent of rewards depends on the staked amount. The reward structure also encourages long-term commitment. The longer an investor stakes their tokens with the platform, the higher the staking rewards. The commitment and dedication to the platform are duly recognized. 

$GBTC Gives Exposure to Crypto Trading Without High Risk 

A key factor that is drawing investors to Green Bitcoin’s gamified staking system is its low-risk nature. It gives them exposure to crypto trading. But compared to direct trading, the predict-to-earn system is notably safer.

It permits bets on both price directions. In other words, whether the asset’s value ascends or descends, users stand a chance to earn rewards. More importantly, they are not required to purchase the underlying assets like BTC when making predictions. Instead, all they need is $GBTC tokens to get exposure to the price movements of a wide range of assets in the upcoming stages. 

A large reserve of 5.8 million $GBTC tokens is set aside for the staking reward system. It will be used up in two years. 

The project aims to continually introduce fresh challenges within its staking framework to fuel engagement and support the token’s price dynamics over time. Although initial challenges will be around Bitcoin’s price and trends, they will be diversified over time. 

A Project to Not Miss Out On 

Green Bitcoin’s dedication to a sustainable ecosystem is visible from its synergistic collaborations. In the next stages, the project will join forces  with green tech firms, industry leaders, and eco-conscious organizations as part of gaining a strong foothold in various niches. They will enhance its potential user base, facilitating its penetration into mainstream circles.

$GBTC is predicted to kick off its bull run soon after the presale conclusion. At the current pace of progress, the presale won’t wait till the end of this year to sell out. If the project goes live in the first half of January, the launch is likely to coincide with the first bull run of the broader market. To make the most of the opportunity, it is best to grab the tokens early. 

The presale is divided into multiple stages with increasing prices. The first stage was sold out in a flash as the presale raised $250,000 on its launch day. The momentum is growing as investors flock to the presale, hoping to capture the biggest bull run of 2024. 


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