Why Kaspa May Struggle to Unseat Bitcoin Despite Speed Claims

A series of enthusiastic tweets from Kaspa advocates tout the cryptocurrency’s scaling roadmap while taking aim at Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, more impartial observers urge caution around premature declarations of superiority.

One post from account KaspaNews claims Kaspa will soon reach 10 blocks per second, with an end goal of 100 bps. This would dramatically eclipse Bitcoin’s roughly 1 block per 10 minutes.

The tweet asserts Kaspa possesses more advanced technology that will “soon replace” major networks while matching their security and decentralization. But such brazen predictions of overtaking entrenched rivals appear overzealous to some.

Meanwhile, analyst MoonShotJosh points to Kaspa’s surging hashrate as a bullish sign. However, comparable metrics like mining power have risen for failed projects before.

While Kaspa has ardent proponents, its path to mainstream adoption and disrupting dominant platforms remains unclear. Boasting theoretical throughput without proven large-scale use offers limited indication of long-term viability.

Independent experts advise taking bold claims of “Kaspa killing Bitcoin” with a heavy grain of salt. Actual utility growth depends on far more than speeds and feeds.

Kaspa’s developers may indeed have unlocked an innovative scaling solution beyond proposed Bitcoin upgrades. But putting it effectively into practice across a live, decentralized network with billions in value at stake will prove the only true test.

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Vignesh Karunanidhi
Vignesh Karunanidhi

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