Why Kaspa (KAS) Has Been Outperforming Bitcoin and Will Continue to Do So

Kaspa (KAS), a relatively new cryptocurrency, has been making waves with its impressive gains and unique emission schedule. As the crypto community keeps a watchful eye on this rising star, one user, AlexR 𐤊 (@AlexR50000), has shared their insights into the remarkable trajectory of Kaspa and its potential to continue outperforming Bitcoin.

The Demand-Supply Dynamics
According to AlexR 𐤊, Kaspa’s outperformance can be attributed to the intricate interplay between supply and demand. On the demand side, the superior technology behind Kaspa has garnered significant interest, driving up its value. Meanwhile, the supply side is becoming increasingly scarce at an unprecedented rate, thanks to the unique emission schedule of Kaspa.

The Emission Schedule and Scarcity
Kaspa’s emission schedule is a marvel in itself, inspired by the 12-note musical scale. The block rewards gradually decrease over time, creating a controlled and predictable supply. As of January 1st, 2023, approximately 15.3 billion KAS (53.3%) had been mined, and on January 1st, 2024, around 21.9 billion KAS (76.3%) had been mined.

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Remarkably, by July 10th, 2026, around 95% of the total maximum supply of roughly 28.7 billion KAS will have been mined. The remaining 5% will be mined slowly until the block reward falls below 1 Sompi, which is expected to happen after approximately 36 years from the mainnet start.

The Continuing Outperformance

As AlexR 𐤊 points out, the unique emission schedule of Kaspa will make it even harder money than Bitcoin by 2029, with a higher stock-to-flow (S2F) ratio. The S2F ratio is a measure of scarcity, and a higher ratio indicates greater scarcity and potential value appreciation. With this insight, Kaspa’s outperformance compared to Bitcoin is expected to continue, driven by the fundamental supply-demand dynamics and the innovative emission schedule.

Kaspa’s remarkable performance and potential to outshine Bitcoin have captured the attention of the crypto community. As AlexR 𐤊 has highlighted, the combination of superior technology, soaring demand, and a meticulously designed emission schedule that ensures scarcity, positions Kaspa as a force to be reckoned with in the cryptocurrency realm. With its unique attributes and the potential to become even harder money than Bitcoin, Kaspa’s journey is one that investors and enthusiasts alike will be watching with keen interest.

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