Why KASPA (KAS) Could 100x From Its Current Price: Analyst

KASPA (KAS) has explosive 100x upside potential from current prices, according to Travladd Crypto, co-founder of crypto fund King Finance. At Solana’s all-time high market cap of $108 billion, the KAS price would reach $5.07 based on supply ratios.

With KAS currently at just $0.05 and a market cap of $1.1 billion, this represents nearly 100x growth if it captures a similar network value to Solana’s peak. Travladd outlines why this scenario could realistically play out.

KASPA solves blockchain’s scalability trilemma of decentralization, security, and scalability, allowing high speed without compromising decentralization or security.

It uses a BlockDAG data structure to achieve 1000+ TPS while avoiding wasted resources on orphan blocks like other DAG coins. This combines with proof-of-work and the GhostDAG protocol to ensure robust security.

With no VCs or ICOs involved, KASPA avoids potential regulatory threats down the line while being an ideal digital cash system focused on speed and low fees. The fair launch and distribution also prevent insider selling pressure.

By utilizing fair sequence block production, KASPA aims to offer MEV-resistant smart contracts that prevent frontrunning and sandwich attacks that have drained funds on EVM chains.

Considering the magnitude of new capital projected to enter crypto in the coming years, KASPA capturing 1% of Ethereum, or Solana’s peak market cap, is within reach. With far faster speeds and lower costs than existing alt-L1s, its network could attract substantial liquidity.

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According to crypto investor Travladd, KASPA possesses the technical foundations and ethical distribution model to potentially achieve a 100x rise to $5. This would require reaching Solana’s all-time high market cap, which is feasible considering Solana’s limitations that KASPA solves for. With new capital inflows likely in the next bull market, explosive growth for the top DeFi platforms is expected by many analysts.

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