Why is Livepeer (LPT) Price Pumping? The Project Is Moving Towards This High Demand Industry

The native token of the Livepeer network, LPT, has seen a notable price rise over the last couple weeks. Specifically, LPT has pumped 10% today and 30% over the past month. What’s behind this recent momentum?

Livepeer’s Pivot Towards AI Video Infrastructure

In a series of tweets, Livepeer founder Eric Tang laid out plans to integrate AI video capabilities into Livepeer’s existing video processing infrastructure.

As Tang explained, demand for AI computing infrastructure has exploded recently amid surging interest in AI models. Livepeer operates an extensive network of GPUs designed for video encoding and streaming – presenting an opportunity to repurpose some of this spare capacity towards running AI video models at a lower cost.

Initially as a trial, Livepeer plans to launch a fork of its node software to allow network participants to run AI video generation and enhancement tasks if they wish. The goal is to gather data on just how cost-effective Livepeer’s decentralized infrastructure is compared to centralized cloud services for these AI workloads.

If successful, video developers could eventually deploy their own AI models directly on Livepeer’s network – with the infrastructure’s open source media components providing an added development boon.

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LPT Price Reaction

The market appears to be enthused by Livepeer’s pivot towards offering AI capabilities alongside its core video infrastructure offerings.

Crypto industry commentator iamnico.eth highlighted the long-term potential if Livepeer successfully merges interactive video and AI:

“The future of interactive live video is beyond what you can currently imagine. Every viewer getting personalized product placement within the content they watch.”

This sentiment likely resonates with LPT holders, translating into the token’s recent upwards price action. Traders seem confident that expanding into AI computation will be a smart move for Livepeer that unlocks more value – boosting LPT’s investment thesis.

In summary, plans to integrate AI functionality onto the Livepeer network looks to be the primary catalyst behind LPT’s 30% price rise over the past month. As Livepeer etches closer towards becoming a “decentralized AWS” for both video and AI workloads, LPT may continue seeing further upside.

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