Why Is Hivemapper Price Up Today? This Major Exchange Announces Support For HONEY

Hivemapper’s native HONEY token erupted 20% higher over the past 24 hours, surpassing $0.34 as volume exceeded $15.5 million. The considerable momentum comes on the back of Coinbase announcing support for Hivemapper, which will soon emerge across compliant jurisdictions pending technical review.

Hivemapper is a decentralized map protocol built for the Solana blockchain, enabling developers to craft location experiences spanning gaming, business tools, social, and more. The project connects data feeds between on-chain programs and off-chain enterprise systems.

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Significance of Coinbase Inclusion

With over 100 million verified users, Coinbase represents the most prominent mainstream gateway into the cryptocurrency markets. Hence, any assets granted listing accessibility on Coinbase immediately tap into enhanced notoriety and visibility that typically catalyze intense user adoption.

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Additionally, compliance assurance around factors like legal soundness, security audits, attribution checks, etc. serves as a meaningful credibility boost, especially for smaller market cap tokens like HONEY.

Hence Hivemapper’s prospective listing helps validate the long-term vision of its decentralized mapping infrastructure for Web3—sending the strong signal of quality reflected in HONEY’s 20% breakout.

With capabilities to transform experiences across highly pragmatic use cases around logistical analytics, data visualization, spatial computing, and beyond, Hivemapper appears to be positioned as a pivotal data availability layer for on-chain and off-chain systems to interoperate.

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