Why Investors Are Betting Big That ZEPH Will Emulate KASPA’s Gains 

The privacy-focused crypto ZEPH (Zephyr Protocol) hit a new all-time high price of $22 yesterday before pulling back to around $18 at the time of writing.

This marked a massive increase from just a few months ago when ZEPH was trading hands for around $2 in July.

There seems to be significant buzz building around ZEPH in the crypto community as investors speculate it could mirror the success of other coins like LUNA and KASPA. Noted crypto analyst Logan Shippy took to X (Twitter) to declare that ZEPH has the potential for “100x gains” and is the “next big thing.”

ZEPH chart, source: CoinGecko

Shippy pointed to ZEPH’s hybrid model of providing decentralized, private, and stable money through a proof-of-work mechanism. Unlike some other algorithmic stablecoins, ZEPH incorporates robust Monero-inspired privacy features to obscure transactions while maintaining over-collateralization for stability.

Another prominent crypto analyst, Braver Crypto, also voiced enthusiasm for ZEPH – stating they “should have gone harder” in their investment after the recent parabolic price rise. With a current supply of 2 billion ZEPH tokens and over 284 million in circulation, the project still has plenty of room for adoption and appreciation according to proponents.

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Known as the Zephyr Protocol, it brings together many of the innovations from Djed and applies them with a focus on financial privacy. Only time will tell if ZEPH can live up to the lofty predictions of analysts and deliver “100x” gains, but there is certainly plenty of momentum and optimism building in its dedicated community as the token hits new price heights.

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