Why holders of Solana (SOL) and Ripple (XRP) are looking at this new crypto called Pushd (PUSHD)

Solana (SOL) and Ripple (XRP) are a couple of established top-10 cryptos making waves and trending at the right time. However, entering 2024, crypto analysts have identified recently-launched decentralized ecommerce platform Pushd (PUSHD) as one of the best investment opportunities ahead of the bull market. Here’s why XRP and SOL holders are eyeing up the (PUSHD) presale.

Solana (SOL) Up Over 10x Since January 2023 Lows

Solana has roared back into the mainstream with a 10x gain from its January 2023 lows. Currently, SOL trades at $104 per token, recouping much of the losses that Solana incurred after the monumental collapse of FTX sank token prices to just under $10. Solana recently overturned XRP to become the fifth-largest crypto by market capitalization, driven largely by meme coin activity on the Solana blockchain. While Solana has cooled off its torrid run, 2024 may produce another run out of SOL with bullish consolidation supporting its positive trend.

Ripple (XRP) Consolidates Around the $0.62 Mark

Ripple has been underperforming relative to altcoins like Solana this Q4 2023. Since mid-December, XRP has hovered around the $0.62 mark, representing another consolidation phase for the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Analysts remain bullish with XRP’s prospects in 2024 as holders bank on its years-long case against the United States SEC ending in a victory and its increasing adoption. XRP can go on a massive run and easily break past its 12-month highs should a full-blown bull market occur alongside a victory against the SEC.

Pushd (PUSHD) Presale Primed for a 50x Pump in 2024

Pushd is building the first decentralized marketplace to rival the likes of giants like Amazon and ebay in the blockchain space. The vision behind Pushd is to create a global online marketplace based on Web3 technology with 0% charges on listing fees, low transaction costs, and no KYC requirements. The Pushd ecosystem will feature instant payments and transactions powered by smart contracts, empowering a robust ecommerce platform and swap service for (PUSHD) token holders. 

Crypto observers have singled out Pushd as one of the top crypto investment opportunities with serious parabolic growth potential in 2024. With (PUSHD) tokens available at a considerable discount of just $0.035, presale investors will be at the unparalleled position to benefit in upwards price action once the presale ends and the token lists on exchanges worldwide. In terms of price ceiling, (PUSHD) easily trumps that of Solana and XRP in 2024. With ecommerce set to undergo a boom phase in the next several years, Pushd’s entry into the market is in perfect timing.

Participate in the (PUSHD) Presale Today

Solana and Ripple may post decent gains in 2024, but they pale in comparison to what Pushd can offer early-stage investors that join the presale launch early. In terms of sheer growth potential alone, (PUSHD) is the clear-cut pick given its low market cap status, lucrative niche, and vision to bring Web3 into ecommerce. Join the Pushd presale today.

For more information about the Pushd (PUSHD) Presale, visit their website.

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