Which Penny Crypto Will Hit $1 First – Galaxy Fox, Bonk, or Shiba Inu?

Everybody wants to get rich this cycle. The bad news? Investors holding any of the top ten cryptocurrencies will not make it. All the money is in small caps, and these will become the 100Xers this cycle. Find a gem with a solid value proposition early, and investors are away to the races. Penny cryptos look ready to print astounding gains. But which penny crypto will hit $1 first? Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), Bonk ($BONK), or Shiba Inu ($SHIB)?

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Journey To $1

Galaxy Fox is the prime contender to make it to $1 first, having two key advantages. It has a better overall protocol build than $BONK and $SHIB, and it is the only penny crypto situated in two narratives. Its unique design as a memecoin/ P2E hybrid makes $GFOX one of the only cryptos on the market that investors can buy for exposure to both verticals.

Offering staking rewards, an NFT marketplace, real-world merchandise, deflationary tokenomics, a unique NFT collection, and a P2E game, Galaxy Fox is an all-in-one entertainment and memecoin bonanza. Players compete worldwide in its runner game to win prizes; this is a perfect user onboarding funnel.

Payouts for all $GFOX stakers unlock straightforward passive income, making it an ideal crypto for beginners. And presale participants are joining at the very beginning. All they have to do at the TGE is stake and watch the payouts come in. Galaxy Fox’s burn campaign ensures all these rewards will be in a deflationary asset. Primed to become a leading memecoin, $GFOX is easily one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now.  

Bonk ($BONK): Can It Get Its Bonk On Again?

Bonk was Solana’s ($SOL) first truly successful memecoin, and traders were even calling for it to become one of the top ten cryptocurrencies during its recent rally. Since $BONK has sufficiently cooled off, but its mission to recapitalize the Solana ecosystem has been a resounding success.

It is far more popular with crypto natives due to its on-chain story, and $BONK still benefits from the massive amount of wealth currently sloshing around in the $SOL ecosystem. $BONK has a smaller market cap than $SHIB, making gains far more likely.

Still, regarding targeting $1, investors will have to think again. For $BONK to trade at $1, its total market cap would have to soar to $61 trillion. The entirety of Apple is worth less than $3 trillion.

Shiba Inu ($SHIB): Can Markets Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

Shiba Inu was a top crypto to invest in in early 2021 and one of the last cycle’s biggest winners. But will that mean anything in 2024? $SHIB’s early success will actually hamper its endeavors to reach $1 due to the massive numbers of holders facing unrealized losses waiting to sell into any pump.

The deployment of Shibarium- a layer two- was a great move for this ecosystem and solid proof that the team is still shipping. It did enhance the value proposition of owning $SHIB and increase the burn rate, but the fastest horses this cycle are all new projects. Members of the old guard, like Shiba Inu, will deliver disappointing performances, and investors should rotate their portfolios accordingly.

Closing Thoughts: Small Caps Experts Bet Big On $GFOX 

Experts are betting big on Galaxy Fox. Its small market cap, dual narrative positioning, and sophisticated tokenomics model make it the obvious frontrunner to reach $1 first. Remember that this cycle belongs to small caps, and those holding the top ten cryptocurrencies put themselves at a massive disadvantage.

Presales like Galaxy Fox enable investors who missed the bear market lows to get brilliant entries. And $GFOX’s price discovery phase will be a rocket-fuelled event. Join this galactic journey and participate in the presale today. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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