Which Meme Token Can 100X in 2024 – $BONK, $WIF, or $GFOX?

To be able to capitalize on the next altcoin boom and possibly become a cryptocurrency millionaire, one must stay on top of cryptocurrency trends and know the best cryptocurrencies to buy at all times. In early 2024, $BONK, $WIF, and $GFOX are among the top 10 altcoins to invest in, but which is the best choice for the longer term?

In this post, we look at the recent performance of these 3 altcoins to determine which token is likely to 100X. Let’s jump right in!


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$GFOX, the native coin of the Galaxy Fox project, is a new ICO crypto making waves for its insane growth potential and unique positioning in the meme coin industry. Galaxy Fox is a meme coin that stands head and shoulders above other meme-based coins by offering utility-centric features that help transform investors’ lives.

One of the main features of the Galaxy Fox ecosystem is its play-to-earn game that pays avid gamers for participating (and winning) in their Web 3 running game. The game has gaming seasons that last for about a month. Within this time, players must get to the top 20% of positions on the leaderboard. This way, they qualify for rewards in the form of in-game currencies which are exchangeable for $GFOX tokens.

The platform also pays out staking rewards to its loyal investors’ who lock up their tokens in the staking platform. This feature makes $GFOX stand out not just as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy but also as one of the best ways to make passive income with crypto.  

Additionally, you can find the coolest NFT collection on the Galaxy Fox website. Each of these non-fungible tokens is inspired by characters from the Galaxy Fox website, so you are sure to find intriguing pieces. The platform also has a physical collection of collectibles and fashion merchandise that you can add to your private collection and wardrobe to bring the Galaxy Fox universe closer to your life.

As you can see, all the features of Galaxy Fox are designed with a well-thought-out purpose in mind. This is one of the reasons why $GFOX is quickly becoming one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy. What is more, since the coin is still in the presale phase, it has a lot of potential to blow up upon exchange listing. Some analysts are convinced that the coin is well on their way towards 100x growth and is one of the best ways to make significant profits as a crypto investor.



If you’ve been following crypto trends in 2023, then you have already come across $BONK. $BONK, the first dog-themed meme coins on the Solana blockchain had a year of insane growth in 2023 (year-to-year charts on CoinMarketCap show a whopping 940% increase). The coins shoot up in value, bringing attention back to the Solana blockchain and its first mobile phone The Saga mobile.

However, after such a significant climb, a cryptocurrency’s price will inevitably retreat. In 2024, $BONK seems to be regressing, losing over 42% of its value in the past month. This has not been any better in the last week as $BONK retraced a further 23%. At the time of writing, $bonk has lost a further 9% in the past 24 hours, to trade at $0.000011.


$WIF is another mem coin built on the Solana blockchain. The coin has been making waves recently with its 46% increase in the past week. The recent surge came after $WIF was listed on the popular cryptocurrency exchange BItMex. Additionally, BitMex’s announcement of an upcoming perpetual contract for $WIF has also contributed to the surge, placing $WIF as the 7th largest meme token in the market, with a market cap of $363 million.

$WIF’s success on the BItMex exchange is likely to lead to listing on other major exchanges, which will further propel the coin forward, creating new opportunities for investors to make profits. Binance and Kucoin, are already in the process of listing the coin, suggesting that a further price increase is about to happen.


Final Word

Just like $WIF skyrocketed upon exchange listing, $GFOX is expected to become a 100X coin after retail listing. So, if you have been looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest in, $GFOX allows you to acquire a lowly-priced coin that will give you significant results in a few weeks or months. Get in one of the presales today and increase your chances of becoming the next crypto millionaire.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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