What Percent of Your Portfolio Should Be in Memecoins? And Which Are the Best Options in 2024? 

Memecoins have proven to be one of the most incredible wealth-generating tools of the current era, but what percent of your portfolio should be in memecoins? And which are the best options in 2024? Time to dive into Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), dogwifhat ($WIF), and Bonk ($BONK). Are these the top cryptos to buy right now

Everything comes down to an individual’s personal risk tolerance. But investors investing four figures will never make exciting returns investing in any of the top ten cryptocurrencies. Traditional wisdom dictates that 10% of a portfolio allocated to memes would be sufficient. But for investors who really want to juice their returns this cycle, 20% would be far more sensible. Memecoins are evolving, and appropriate allocations evolve in tandem.   

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Blazes Past $3 Million

Galaxy Fox is a leading contender in the memecoin space and has blown through the valley of doubt. Typically, most meme projects die below a million-dollar market cap, and those that breach this threshold tend to go on to become massive players. Galaxy Fox has raised over $3 million, and crossing this target puts its trajectory in the fast lane to a hundred million dollar valuation.

Its broad market appeal distinguishes it from its competitors. While integrating the classic memecoin tropes such as deflationary tokenomics, viral design, and a taxation system, it additionally features a play-to-earn component. As well as speculating on their favorite memecoin, users can also earn real cash playing this Web3 runner game.

Staking rewards are another excellent feature, and while locking in the memecoin upside, investors can earn yield on their $GFOX tokens. Galaxy Fox is the only token on this list that benefits from two narratives, and analysts forecasting a 100X climb for $GFOX this year bumps it to the top of the list of the top 5 cryptos to buy now. Entering this gem during its presale is easy money for any memecoin enthusiast. 

dogwifhat ($WIF) Catches Second Wind 

Dogwifhat is the second large memecoin to emerge from the Solana ($SOL) ecosystem. It is essentially a leveraged play on Bonk, which is itself a leveraged play on the $SOL ecosystem. $WIF has everything a memecoin needs, a catchy ticker, solid branding, and the picture of the dog with a hat is also very cute. It has increasingly become the cultural favorite of Solana degens, and whales have even started to buy this token. $WIF is easily one of the top cryptos to buy right now.

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Bonk ($BONK) 2024’s Top Memecoin?

Bonk changed the game, and its blowoff top started the firing pistol for the Solana memecoin mania. The aim was to recapitalize the $SOL ecosystem, and this mission has been completed with resounding success. $BONK is another of the best cryptocurrencies to buy this cycle, but investors should know its brilliant success is a double-edged sword.

Its market cap already stands north of $700 million and will take significant capital for any decent upside moves. The secret to memecoin success is getting in early; unfortunately, the 100X $BONK returns have been and gone.

Closing Thoughts: Understanding Risk and Sizing

Memecoins are going to be key this cycle as they become part of the cultural framework. Understanding risk and sizing is critical, and timing will define the best options for 2024. The top cryptos to buy right now for people who want to make it this cycle are small caps.

Those holding 20% of their portfolio in small cap meme projects have way better upside than their competitors. And a small allocation to hidden gems like $GFOX will pay massive dividends. Missed the early days of $WIF and $BONK? Participate in the Galaxy Fox presale today. 

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