Wave Goodbye to the Bear Market, Prepare for the Bull Run at “Blockchain Genesis, Thailand Blockchain Week 2023” on November 11-12 at Samyan Mitrtown

Bangkok, Thailand, November 2nd, 2023, Chainwire

In an era where “blockchain” is a highly searched and discussed term while the current cryptocurrency market is experiencing volatility and prices of digital assets are fluctuating. Nonetheless, there are still many investors and experts who believe that the crypto market is just going through a temporary downturn, and “blockchain” remains a technology that has a potential for growth.

At the press conference of Blockchain Genesis, Thailand Blockchain Week 2023, Mr. Sanjay Popli, Chief Executive Officer, Cryptomind Group Holdings Company Limited, as the host of this event, shared his perspectives towards blockchain technology, Web3.0 development, the crypto market, and the reasons for organizing Blockchain Genesis, Thailand Blockchain Week 2023 – the biggest blockchain event of the year, under the theme of “Build in Bear, Rise in Bull.”

“It all started from BTC Halving. It’s when the amount of new Bitcoin mined drops by half. This event takes place every 4 years and the next BTC Halving will be in 2024, and that will result in a decrease of Bitcoin supply. In parallel, blockchain technology has been consistently developed and adopted by a wide range of industries, enlarging the user base of the crypto market. Blockchain Genesis, Thailand Blockchain Week 2023 is honored by “HashKey Capital,” a globally-renowned digital asset operator from Hong Kong, as a “Branded Sponsor” to jointly drive the crypto industry in Thailand” Mr. Sanjay said.

“Additionally, digital assets and products derived from blockchain technology have been approved by government and regulatory bodies. This trend reflects confidence in the potential of blockchain technology, which will be positive to the development of the Web 3.0 digital economy and the growth of the crypto market.”

Blockchain Genesis, Thailand Blockchain Week 2023, embracing the 6th year in the concept of “Build in Bear, Rise in Bull,” is organized to provide individuals interested in technology and investors with an opportunity to use the market slowdown period to learn and gain knowledge from experts, and prepare for entering the uptrend or the bullish market. Investors can benefit from this time to develop the necessary knowledge and skills for technological product creation and efficient investment in digital assets. The event will take place on 2 days – November 11-12, 2023, at city-centered Samyan Mitrtown Hall.

At the event, guests will have the opportunity to meet experts who are deeply immersed in the world of digital assets and blockchain technology, led by Mr. Piriya Sumpantarat (Mr. Tom) and Mr. Chalok Samphantharak (Uncle Chalok), Mr. Pakornwut Udompipatskul, MP from the Moving Forward Party, Mr. Kannithi Thongthanakul, Founder of the Kim DeFi Daddy Facebook’s page, Mr. Poramin Insom, Co-founder of Firo, together with famous investors and investment professionals, Mr. CK Cheong, Chief Executive Office, Fastwork Technologies Co., Ltd. (Fastwork), a well-known freelancing platform; HashKey Capital, the first digital asset exchange licensee in Hong Kong; public and private agencies such as Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA); digital asset business operators licensed by the SEC, e.g. Merkle Capital Company Limited; founders of world-class blockchain projects, e.g. The Sandbox, MEMELAND & 9GAG, Coin98, Hashed, Trust Wallet, Sui Foundation and Aura Network, as well as many others in the international lineups, who will share updated insights at this event for the first time.

Furthermore, there was a forum discussion led by representative executives of the title sponsors, namely Mr. Thanamet Ariyawat, Venture Director, Kasikorn X Co., Ltd.; Mr. Deeprom Somkiadcharoen, Development Lead, XSpring Digital Co., Ltd.; Mr. Adiruj Nithilertwiwat, Founder, 100X; and Ms. Wimonpun Wiboonma, Chief Corporate Communications and Marketing Officer, Bitazza Company Limited; who joined to discuss on the topic “Blockchain Vision Forward: Exploring the Future of the Blockchain World.”

“Blockchain technology was previously a hot topic, partly because of the country’s new stimulus policy, which could even further extend and develop a new boundary for the payment system in Thailand. However, mass adoption is only possible when the technology features an ease-of-use quality, with end-to-end providers and a back-end system that supports a huge number of transactions. These factors must be simultaneous, without any of them being missed. It is definite that forefront entrepreneurs and financial institutions in Thailand start to reconsider blockchain technology adoption. Blockchain Genesis, Thailand Blockchain Week 2023, is regarded as a hub of knowledge and the largest blockchain network in Thailand,” said Mr. Sanjay Popli.

This event will be enriched with 3 prominent stages active throughout 2 days straight, including the main stage “Genesis Stage,” which is designed for digital asset beginners. There will be professional moderators to simplify the contents and keep you updated about unmissable technology trends before anyone else. The second, “Advance Stage,” is to present in-depth knowledge from brands and experts that truly understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, suitable for those who wish to enhance their knowledge in investment and project development. The third, “Activities Stage,” is to entertain participants with a series of activities and prize giveaways from leading local and international digital asset businesses.

Tickets are available here in different tiers: Standard Pass at 299 baht, for two-day entry with souvenirs, a chance to win prizes from the Quest Hunting activity, and receive NFT developed by Six Network. There are also special tickets for students: Student Pass at 150 baht.

Special! Join us with a VIP Pass of 10,000 baht to enjoy privileges including unlimited access to workshop sessions, entry to VIP lounge inside the event with complimentary food and beverages, access to welcome dinner and exclusive networking party session with leading investors and developers, allowing guests to meet leading blockchain figures from various countries.

Besides, attendees can also purchase tickets for special workshop sessions – ‘Learning Shortcuts’ based on topics of their interest at 200 baht each. For example, “Techniques to build a well-balanced crypto portfolio to always attain the highest returns” and “In-depth use of various tools for crypto investment like a pro” and many other topics.

For more details, please visit: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter

About Cryptomind Group Holdings Co., Ltd. and Merkle Capital Co., Ltd.

Cryptomind Group Holdings Company Limited is a group of companies engaged in blockchain consulting and digital asset investment, consisting of Merkle Capital Company Limited – SEC’s licensed digital asset funds manager, with investment strategies to ensure safe transactions in digital assets; Cryptomind Advisory Company Limited, Thailand’s first official digital asset advisor under the regulation of the SEC, offering consulting services, digital asset investment analysis for both natural and juristic persons; event management, e.g., Blockchain Thailand Genesis; communities, e.g., Bitcoin Addict Thailand; digital asset Facebook Page, e.g., Cryptomind Advisory Blockchain Review, Kim DeFi Daddy, Coinman and Sanjay Popli, with over 500,000 followers in total, to ensure Thai people have access to simpler and safer digital asset investment. For more information about our companies, please visit https://cryptomind.group and https://merkle.capital/.


Blockchain Genesis, Thailand Blockchain Week 2023
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