Wall Street Memes Becomes the Third Most-Traded Meme Coin Outperforming Pepe – Pumps 62% on Stake Unlocking

Wall Street Memes lists on Gate.io and CoinW centralized exchanges on October 4th at 10 AM UTC, keeping up with the growing demand for the token.  

WSM hit the list of the top three cryptocurrencies in terms of trading volume on Tuesday, recording transactions worth $69,465,825. Although it has only been a week since the token went live, it has been climbing up the charts, hinting at bigger bull runs. 

Binance to List Wall Street Memes Next?

The rising momentum of Wall Street Memes has strengthened the speculation that the meme coin will be listed on Binance next, followed by the likes of Kucoin, Coinbase, and ByBit. The token is already available for purchase on OKX, HTX, MEXC, LBank, CoinEx, BitMart and BingX.

In addition, users can also buy $WSM directly from the official Wall Street Memes website with ETH, USDT or a bank card.

An extension of the viral Wall Street Memes community, the WSM token aims to revolutionize the financial markets by rooting for the small guy against Wall Street. The project’s vision aligns with the mindset of most cryptocurrency investors. 

Staking Begins, WSM Pumps 62%

Wall Street Memes launched staking this week. At the time of this writing, a total of 451,893,011 tokens have been staked. The rising number of staked tokens is an indication that investors have confidence in the project and are willing to see where it takes them. 

The 44% APY is also a compelling factor that drives their decision. 

No established meme coin offers an APY as high as WSM, giving the token a sharp competitive edge. More importantly, it strengthens the project’s long-term growth potential. An analysis of the Wall Street Memes white paper and roadmap reveals that the project is not planning on becoming a fleeting sensation like most meme coins. 

How High Can WSM Climb this Month?

Here are some of the key factors that will expedite the price action of Wall Street Memes this month. 

To begin with, WSM is preparing to roll out a product soon. It has yet to be announced. But insider reports suggest that it has high market relevance among young investors.

The token burn and buyback will also go live later this month. It will support its price action externally. The total supply of the token will be slashed over time through the mechanism, taking advantage of the inverse relationship between supply and price. 

Another key factor that continues to drive the demand for the token is the generous $50,000 airdrop competition that is now live on Gleam. Wall Street Memes has set aside 30% of its token supply for community rewards. 

Together with the staking rewards, it encourages more investors to hold onto their tokens and has been successful in preventing the initial-stage dump that most cryptocurrencies fall prey to. 

The fast-growing Wall Street Memes community is the next factor. Although Wall Street Memes has been hosting a large Twitter community (292K followers) even prior to the token launch, the rapid growth of the Telegram community is remarkable. It is 36,706 members strong now. 

Finally, the linking to Elon Musk gives the meme coin the speculative value. 

Factoring in these, WSM has the potential to climb 15X to 20X this month. It is a realistic prediction given that Pepe exploded 2000% on its Binance launch. WSM has more utility and community support than Pepe. 15X to 20X is a conservative price prediction for WSM at this point. 

Other Cryptocurrencies to Keep an Eye on 

1. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

If you’re looking for a presale cryptocurrency with explosive potential, Bitcoin Minetrix is a good option now. The first of its kind stake-to-mine platform allows users to earn mining rewards without making any initial investment in hardware or monitoring. 

The rewards are completely passive. All users need to do is stake their BTCMTX tokens in the staking contract, and they will earn mining credits in return. These mining credits can be burned to earn mining rewards in BTC. 

Although there are a myriad of cloud mining platforms in the market, Bitcoin Minetrix is the first ever platform to realistically lower the entry barrier to the sector. 

Investors can now become a part of the project at a discounted price through the ongoing BTCMTX presale. 

2. TG.Casino 

TG.Casino is another viral presale token of this season. An online, exclusive place for anonymous crypto gambling, TG.Casino offers a safe gambling experience backed by blockchain-based smart contracts. 

The crypto casino market has grown rapidly since 2017. The enhanced transparency and fairness of crypto casinos make them a favorite among players. 

Although the crypto casino market is valued at $250M now, it represents just under 0.1% of the total Casino market which is worth a whopping $263.3 Billion. Over the next few years, the Web3 market will make its presence felt in the casino industry. That underscores the market relevance of robust projects like TG.Casino. 

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