Vitalik Buterin Shares An Updated Ethereum Roadmap

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin just shared an updated roadmap diagram for Ethereum’s development in 2023. He posted the roadmap on Twitter, noting that it is quite similar to the 2022 roadmap. However, there are some important updates.

Single Slot Finality (SSF) is now expected to play a key role in improving Ethereum’s proof-of-stake design after the Merge. SSF is seen as the easiest way to resolve some of Ethereum PoS’s current weaknesses.

Significant progress is expected on rollup scaling technologies like Surge in 2023, thanks to improvements in standards like EIP-4844. Cross-rollup interoperability has also been highlighted as an area for long-term improvements. L2Beat remains a good site to track ongoing progress.

The “Scourge” phase has been redesigned to focus more narrowly on fighting economic centralization in proof-of-stake. This will target issues in MEV (miner extractable value) and general stake pool centralization.

Verkle trees are nearing readiness for inclusion in the “Verge” phase, which will bring gains in scalability. Increasing the L1 gas limit is now seen as something that can be done at any time, not requiring full SNARKs.

State expiry has been deprioritized as a lower urgency item, given developments like stateless clients and execution tickets that reduce state growth needs.

Work on VDFs (Verifiable Delay Functions) has been temporarily reduced due to cryptographic weaknesses in existing proposals. However, research into areas like obfuscation and encrypted mempools has been added as new areas of interest.

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Overall, Ethereum’s roadmap continues to solidify, with few major changes expected compared to 2022. Scalability and proof-of-stake improvements remain the core priorities going into 2024 and beyond.

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