Update from vigorous projects on NEO blockchain – Switcheo, RedPulse and the new ICO nOS

It has been pretty quiet around NEO in the recent months – the chinese Ethereum killer is still in limbo over what will their government do about blockchain in general. But that didn’t stop them to improve the technical side of the project, nor the teams that launched their tokens on NEO network to keep updating their products.


Switcheo is one of the oldest projects on NEO blockchain, a decentralized exchange with its own token SWTH and a strong team and big support among NEO fans. They came out with the news on the Callisto update of their platform. Switcheo will start listing ERC20 tokens on the exchange in the coming weeks.

“We have a long list of 22 ERC20 tokens lined up for our initial listing. These tokens will be listed in incrementally larger batches as we become more confident of the stability of new blockchain integrations.

We will initially launch with just three of the selected tokens, and quickly scale up from that.

The initial pairings on launch will be:

The new platform will go public on November 8th and right now there is an alpha version for the selected test users.


Red Pulse

Red Pulse is an event-driven research firm in Shanghai covering market events impacting Chinese companies, sectors and the overall economy. Research notes are distributed in real-time via our private web portal, iOS app and partner distribution platforms, which include Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, S&P Capital IQ and FactSet”


Red Pulse is more of a reverse ICO, something like Kik or Telegram ICO. They have an established brand, and are crowdfunding a secondary platform. They came out with an update that was pretty sparse in substance as their main goal right now is to spread the word about them with the help of the community through the so called “gig-economy”. They are basically giving away tokens for promotion activities for their token holders.

nOS Token Sale Details & Instructions

nOS is a browser based operating system like EOS where everything will run on the main chain. nOS could actually benefit if it runs on top of Elastos because then the dapps won’t have direct access to the internet, thereby increasing security for the DApps built on top of it. So, it could maybe theoretically be run on the Elastos platform as a sidechain solution. nOS looks a lot like Mist, the Ethereum web client counterpart.

The token details for their ICO are as follows:

NEO & USD Pegging

  • NEO: $16.80 USD
    168 nOS per 1 NEO
  • ETH: $206.60 USD
    2066 nOS per 1 ETH

Token Sale Hard Cap: $10,000,000 USD

You can contribute using both NEO and ETH. Round one starts October 29th and Round 2 starts from November 1st and will last for one week.



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Philipp Traugott
Philipp Traugott

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