Veteran Crypto Analyst Reveals Winning Strategies for Bitcoin’s (BTC) Runes Mania; Here’s His Outlook

According to crypto veteran Udi Wertheimer, with over 190,000 followers on X, the greatly anticipated Rune Coin may experience a meteoric rise upon its airdrop distribution. Significantly, there was no avenue for investors to acquire it previously, creating pent-up demand that could propel substantial initial interest. “I feel comfy saying this because at this point there’s no way for anyone to get exposure to it until it’s airdropped, so I can say this publicly without affecting the market,” Wertheimer explains.

Evaluating Pre-Runes: Tactical Trading Considerations

For existing pre-runes like Runestones, Prometheans, Pups, and Wzrd, Wertheimer envisions potential for eventual centralized exchange listings. However, he suggests actively trading these currently and rebuying later when hype dissipates. The rationale? Many interested parties have already gained exposure, and migration alongside trading challenges could hinder short-term performance relative to Rune Coin’s debut. “If you’re not trading actively, I think they’re safe to just hold until CEX listing assuming you’re diversified between them,” he advises.

Blue-Chip Ordinals: Prime Airdrop Targets

Moreover, Wertheimer identifies blue-chip ordinal JPEGs like Nodes, Ordinal Monsters, and Quantum Puppets as prime candidates for airdrops from the first 100 premined runes. These collections demonstrate long-term holder conviction, acting as “proof of work.” Consequently, he recommends holding these blue chips to capitalize on future airdrops. “The high ticket price for those collections serves as ‘proof of work’ for new airdrop teams,” Wertheimer notes.

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Open Mints and a Passive Approach

Additionally, open mints present an opportunity, though Wertheimer cautions about premines and advises thorough due diligence. For a passive strategy, he views the blue-chip ordinals as undervalued, expecting winners from the runes ecosystem to park profits in these established assets long-term. “Give or take minor volatility, I think most of the degens already did all of the blue-chip jpeg selling they were planning to do to get liquidity for runes aping, and it’s basically up only for the jpegs from here,” Wertheimer states.

Wertheimer’s multipronged analysis provides a well-rounded framework for navigating the rapidly changing runes landscape. From the hotly anticipated Rune Coin to weighing pre-rune trading tactics, identifying potential airdrop recipients, and considering open mints alongside a passive approach, his veteran insights offer a perspective on this emerging Bitcoin frontier.

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