USDT Trading Volume On Tron Network Skyrockets As Core and Angry Pepe Fork Ignites Buying Frenzy

Lookonchain, the popular analyst’s platform, has given insight into the development within the Tron ecosystem. According to Lookonchain, Tron recorded a USDT 24-hour trading volume of $53 billion to become one of the top DeFi coins to reach the milestone. In the same vein, Angry Pepe Fork and Core are two DeFi projects that have courted buyers’ attention in recent times. With a massive pump underway, let’s see how these DeFi tokens will shape up.

Angry Pepe Fork Ignites Buyers Frenzy Could Be One Of The Best DeFi Projects

With Tron and Core aiming for the next heights, investors are seriously considering Angry Pepe Fork as one of the best DeFi coins to invest in. Through its novel conquer-to-earn system, Angry Pepe Fork incentivizes users and fosters community interaction. The platform has an army of individuals who are tired of the status quo and jointly battle zombie meme coins to take Angry Pepe Fork to the zenith.

A key part of this project that has engineered a frenzy among buyers is the staking option. In the presale, ordinary users, seasoned users, and veteran traders can lock up their assets for 30, 60, and 90 days respectively. With this staking option, both the platform and the users win, stimulating the growth of Angry Pepe Fork. In terms of security, this project is among the best with its smart contracts fully audited by a reputable third-party platform.

Angry Pepe Fork’s native token APORK is at the first stage of presale and is selling at $0.014. To create scarcity, only a limited supply of 1.9 billion APORK tokens is available, resembling the limited supply of Bitcoin. In a few weeks of starting the presale, APORK has raised over $158k, with analysts projecting a presale funding of $1M before the end of June. 

Within the presale, users can also explore the series of events on the platform and earn a big profit. Furthermore, There is an ongoing contest where up to $50k is up for grabs. Angry Pepe Fork is also in talks with collaborators, aiming to infuse more functionalities into the project. With all these features and potentials, Angry Pepe Fork is one of the top DeFi cryptocurrencies that can give a 350% profit soon.

Tron Network Records Highest USDT Growth

Lookonchain, a crypto analytic platform, has reported massive growth for the Tron network. According to the report, Tron blockchain has massively improved the daily USDT transaction to $53 billion, dwarfing the Visa daily trading volume of $42 billion.

With this high traction in daily trading volume, Tron’s price is beginning to follow the bullish trends, going higher by 2% in the past week. With the Tron market cap also exceeding $10 billion, the Tron coin may trade at $1 in the next few months. 

How Far Can Core Token Go?

Core token has seen a huge inflow of investors despite the bear market. Although the token dipped by 23% in the past month, the Core market cap has climbed above $1 billion. However, Bravo, a Twitter analyst, attributed this huge traction to the latest development within the Core network.

Bravo asserted that Core is set to be listed on Coinbase on June 21, 2024, giving the token more exchange visibility. With Core eyeing a new price value at the $1.4 mark, this new listing may result in a huge price pump.

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