Unleashing Explosive Memecoins: SHIB Set to Skyrocket With Shiabrium Ecosystem as WSM Raises $10 Million

The memecoin market is abuzz with anticipation following BlackRock’s foray into the crypto world. The financial powerhouse, managing nearly $10 trillion in assets, recently applied for a spot Bitcoin ETF which ignited excitement in the industry and propelled Bitcoin to new 2023 highs this week.

This surge in Bitcoin has experts predicting that the altcoin markets, particularly memecoins, will soon experience a ripple effect of gains. Amidst this thriving memecoin sector, projects like Shiba Inu are making waves with their ecosystem expansions, poised to catapult SHIB to unprecedented heights with its innovative advancements. Simultaneously, another memecoin has caught the attention of industry figures, including Elon Musk, resulting in an impressive $10 million fundraising in just a month.

Keep reading to discover what’s happening with Shiabrium and why everybody is touting Wall Street Memes as the next memecoin sensation.  

Shiba Inu Ecosystem Expansion: Is SHIB Set to Explode with Shibarium?

The Shiba Inu ecosystem is currently undergoing a rapid expansion, leading to a rush of investment into the Dogecoin rival as traders rush to position themselves ahead of the launch of its decentralized ecosystem – Shibarium.

The Shiabrium Ecosystem is the latest development from Shiba Inu, putting the memecoin heavyweight onto its own blockchain and allowing it to unleash a wave of new decentralized projects.

Decentralization has been one of the core aspirations for Shiba Inu, with the launch of Shiabrium expected to bring about new SHIB-related projects like Bone, Leash, and Treat – helping to rapidly expand the ecosystem.

The excitement for the rollout was further propelled by Shytoshi Kusama, who recently announced the release of ‘Shibacals’ – a new feature that will allow real-world assets to be connected to NFTs – and a World Paper – a new comprehensive guide to the ecosystem.

The new announcements caused a flurry of new wallets being added to the ecosystem as holders attempt to position themselves ahead of the latest developments;

With the Shiabrium ecosystem expected to roll out at some point in Q3, now is the time to position yourself ahead of the herd and take advantage of the recent low prices caused by the SEC lawsuit against Binance and Coinbase. A rebound to 2023 highs for SHIB is certainly imminent;

New Memecoin King: Is Wall Street Memes Capable of Replicating SHIB’s Success?

While the memecoin sector continues to see an anticipated bullish revival, there’s one new project entering the space that’s creating waves in the industry as investors quickly rush to become early adopters of the project they believe can be the next new memecoin sensation.

Wall Street Memes officially started its presale just one month ago and has already managed to raise over $10 million in fundraising as investors flock to the WSM token due to its huge community, meme appeal, and interest from high-profile figureheads like Elon Musk. The increasing momentum in the WSM presale makes it one of the fastest-growing presales of 2023. It is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after presales in the memecoin sector as investors become increasingly curious to see its long-term prospects.

Wall Street Memes is crypto’s representation of the victory over greedy Wall Street capitalists stemming from the GameStop fiasco in 2021. Back then, armchair investors challenged the giants to a battle on their own turf and sent decades-old institutions crumbling into bankruptcy. Now, Wall Street Memes is tokenizing the movement through WSM, allowing investors to engage in the speculation with an important side-order of humor to go alongside it.

Huge Community Providing Unprecedented Value with Display of Long-Term Commitment From Team

Despite its young age, Wall Street Memes has already garnered a cult-like following, attracting over one million followers across its social media profiles. Although the token has no planned intrinsic utility, the value of the project lies in the robust community behind it – helping to spread the hype and FOMO, which are required to make memecoins explode.

The community continues to grow as the fusion of internet culture, meme-based humor, and decentralized finance make it an attractive long-term investment for holders. In addition, the team is adamant about turning WSM into a community-driven project and hasn’t allocated any WSM for themselves in the tokenomics – demonstrating their long-term commitment to the project.

Instead, the entire supply is reserved for the community, with 50% sold in the presale and the other 50% reserved to add liquidity to exchanges and provide airdrop rewards for loyal community members.

The project has gained a strong following because it’s connected to Wall Street Bulls, an NFT project that sold its entire collection of 420 NFTs in just thirty minutes in 2021. Now, that same community is back to push WSM into the next memecoin sensation as it continues to spread across the crypto sphere at an alarming rate.

Elon Musk Already Paying Attention and Tier-1 Exchanges Watching

Another factor driving the presale to unprecedented heights is the fact that it’s gaining the attention of influential figureheads in the industry. In particular, Elon Musk has been interacting with the Wall Street Memes Twitter profile on several occasions, sparking a debate about whether the CEO of Twitter and Tesla is actively supporting the project.

In addition to the attention from Elon, investors are taking comfort in the assumption that the huge following pretty much guarantees the project a tier-1 exchange listing following its presale. In fact, some analysts are going as far as saying that major tier-1 exchanges, such as Binance and OKX, will scramble to list WSM as soon as it launches to take advantage of the huge trading volumes that are expected to come with it.

Overall, it’s safe to say that the eyes of the crypto world are certainly looking at WSM right now.

Presale Continues to Thrive After Crossing $10 Million: Buy Today For Lower Prices

The presale continues to blaze through its milestones, which pushes the price of WSM higher. Investing as early as possible is essential because the rising pricing strategy for WSM means that the cost of the token increases during each subsequent presale stage. Currently, you can buy WSM for a price of $0.0301, which will increase to $0.0304 in the next stage.

The presale is spread across 30 stages, with the final stage selling it for $0.0337 – providing substantial unrealized returns for early-stage buyers, even before the project has launched.

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