Uniswap Launches UniswapX As AI Crypto InQubeta Hogs All Attention Amid Wildly Successful Presale

The InQubeta (QUBE) project’s presale has been extremely successful, with over $1.7 million in tokens sold so far during its initial stages. The project focuses on making investment opportunities in artificial intelligence (AI) more accessible while sending more capital to startups in the industry that need it. 

Uniswap investors recently saw the value of their portfolios grow after the platform launched its UniswapX protocol on the Ethereum (ETH) Mainnet, which allows for gas-free swaps, no fees on failed transactions, and better prices. The program is expected to include gas-free swaps across blockchains in the coming months. 

AI-focused altcoins like InQubeta (QUBE) taking over the cryptocurrency space

Artificial intelligence is poised to be the next major technological breakthrough, and that reality has helped the growth of many AI-focused mainstream or cryptocurrency companies as investments in the space rise exponentially. Investments in AI were only at $12 billion in 2015 but jumped to $119 billion by 2022. This exponential rise is expected to continue with some projections anticipating investments in AI will rise to $1.5 trillion by 2030.

This rise in investment capital has been a tremendous boost to the InQubeta presale and mainstream corporations like Nvidia. AI has already started to play a significant role in everyday life from software like ChatGPT that can write programs to AI-powered facial recognition used by many law enforcement agencies worldwide. 

Even the unconventional AI concepts like humanoid robots that can perform manual labor and domestic tasks are presently in development. Automation will have a massive impact on many industries, and it’ll create investment opportunities that will earn backers significant returns. The InQubeta project now opens up such opportunities to anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet. 

U.S. Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden expects AI to cause more changes than other tech breakthroughs have in the past five decades as the viability of the technology improves. 

Investing in AI through ERC-20 tokens

AI startups can generate capital on the InQubeta network by selling equity-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain. These companies have to pass an evaluation process before being granted access to the NFT marketplace. Investors can buy the tokens made by firms they think have the potential to innovate with $QUBE tokens. 

InQubeta investors can also stake $QUBE to help operate the Ethereum-based blockchain. Rewards are sent to stakers periodically and they also get to be part of the ecosystem’s governance. How large each investor’s portfolio is determines the weight of their vote on issues that impact the project’s development or operations. 

Uniswap (UNI) prices rise after launching UniswapX

Uniswap investors have watched their portfolios grow in the past week after the launch of the UniswapX protocol, which significantly improves the efficiency of the exchange by reducing gas fees and no longer charging users for failed transactions. 

Uniswap is a decentralized trading protocol that’s used for the autonomous trading of decentralized finance tokens. The network opens up the automated trading of tokens to all who have tokens, while using automation to address liquidity issues that plagued earlier decentralized exchanges. 

As is the case with InQubeta, the Uniswap protocol allows its users to govern its operations and development with its native tokens. The UniswapX protocol significantly improves user experience on the exchange, while showcasing how AI can increase the efficiency of cryptocurrency spaces. 

Expect Uniswap prices to keep rising as more cryptocurrency investors choose its network as their primary trading medium. 


The InQubeta presale continues to pick up steam with over $1.8 million raised in its early stages. Uniswap is also expected to see more growth in 2023 thanks to its new protocol, but it likely won’t keep up with InQubeta’s projected 100x growth after tokens are launched on exchanges. 

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